Milwaukee’s Best Samurai via Reddit.

  • adcurtin

    Bud Lightyear:

  • RufusTheGreat

    excellent defensive tactic, I get nauseous just seeing the logo.

  • Anonymous

    This. Is. Awesome.

    thank god for people like my father, I can do this in a night if I tried.

  • Lex Burbury

    Actually my fav beer. Thanks for the Ninja armor, it really looks great

    • Enrique Salazar

      do not confuse ninjas with samurais!!! you’ll be murdered in your sleep*!!

      *not an actual threat :P

  • Anonymous

    **Shotguns first can** This is going to be a long night!

    • Enrique Salazar

      more like “shoguns”

  • Anonymous

    This is called “prepared for barfights.”

  • Keystone Ice Sensai

    it’s the seven Pabst Blue Ribbon ninjas in the background I like.