The 4-Bit Microcomputer Kit from the Maker Shed features a 20-key keypad, a 7-segment LED, and 7 individual LEDs. It comes pre-programmed with 7 different applications, and you can even program your own via the keypad. It’s a fun retro kit, just begging to be hacked! Don’t forget to check out Gakken magazine 4-bit computer rollout party in Tokyo.

Maker Shed

Maker Shed

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  • MadRat

    I’ve seen some hacks for these on YouTube. One guy connected each keypad switch to relays and those to a USB port plugged into his computer for easy programming ( Several other people have done similar projects. Another guy created a manually operated tape reader ( There seems to be a lot of other stuff but it’s written in Japanese, which I can’t read.

  • Marc de Vinck

    Those are great projects. Thanks for the links.

    The description on the gmc4loader translates : (via Google)

    “I made reference to the GMC-4 program load device. USB came up to get the 78K0 microcontroller. Metronome first, and then scroll left to load the LED starts.”

    Looks like a binary counter?