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Best of Make: Online 2010 — Hacks

#10 Drawdio hack: the Syntheslicer #9 Macro lens hack for under a dollar #8 Pocket spectrum analyzer from $16 toy #7 How-To: Hacking the Brother KH-930e knitting machine #6 Inchworm walker with clever analog control hack #5 Umbrella buckyball bar #4 NES cartridge harmonicas. #3 Parasitic bike pump steals air... Read more »

MineCraft timer app for Netduino

This is a great example of how to have fun when learning to program Netduino. Yes, a Netduino is total overkill for this project, but you won’t be saying that after you come up from a long day of mining and are attacked by monsters! Ever since I downloaded the... Read more »

Cyclon lawn tractor plow

Snow is on the minds (and driveways) for us in the northeast, so Johngineer couldn’t help but to cylon-up a lawn tractor snow plow. He writes: Back in September I attended the Open Hardware Summit — Everybody who attended got a swag-bag of goodies. Included among these was a Larson... Read more »

Love science? Check out The Citizen Science Quarterly

Love the articles in MAKE about cool science projects? Wish there was a mag dedicated to just science, stuff like biology, chemistry, physics, art+design, and math? Well the The Citizen Science Quarterly gang are raising money for their first run of 1000 magazines. Check out their Kickstarter video, you can... Read more »