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Yesterday’s post about artist Wayne Chisnall’s life-size model kit of his own body actually marks the second time I have posted about a life-size plastic model kit version of something, and the second time a commenter has responded by mentioning James May’s life-size Airfix Spitfire model from the first episode of his 2009 BBC series Toy Stories. Which means it’s time for a proper post. Unfortunately May’s model doesn’t have a very robust web presence. The BBC hosts a streaming teaser video for the episode, and this page has a brief review. If anybody’s got a better link, your comment would be appreciated.

Entire house made from Lego bricks

Sean Michael Ragan

Sean Michael Ragan

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  • Monk


    that would totally re-define “Kitplane”

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  • Rahere

    For our American friends, every British boy of May’s generation made at least one – and some dozens – of cheap plastic kits in 1/72 scale, made by the Airfix company for maybe a dollar a go. All he’s done is scale one up…

    The guy’s one of the presenters of the UK petrol-head show Top Gear. They specialise in off-the-wall – like the six attempts to destroy a Toyota pick-up, culminating in putting it on top of a tower block about to be demolished by explosives. It still started after being blown up and falling 200 feet. Or the time they went ski-jumping in minis…or…
    You don’t need Jackass when you’ve got Top Gear – because JA can’t persuade the young and beautiful to join them.

  • Tommaso Messina

    Dear Wayne
    is possible to buy the Spitfire 1/1 scale kit?
    Best Regards
    Tommaso Messina