global hackerspace challenge Global hackerspace cupcake challenge update

The global hackerspace cupcake challenge is a great idea for a contest. Hosted by Alpha One Labs (Brooklyn, NY), the contest rules are pretty simple: each participating hackerspace has to ship a cupcake to a different space, as far away as possible, in whatever manner they deem appropriate. To me, it exemplifies some of the best things about hackerspaces- the strong sense of community, willingness to not take themselves too seriously, and the audacity to do ridiculous things like gluing a cupcake to the side of a box and shipping it oversees.

The contest is still going on, however I’m digging the submissions that are already in:

The Artifactory (Perth, Australia) opens TOG’s (Dublin, Ireland) cupcake.

Revelation Space (Den Haag, Netherlands) judges the cupcake sent from Hackerspace Charlotte (Charlotte, NC, USA)
Favorite quote: “what was the method? Sandwiched between the cupcake cups.. glued to the bottom of the case”

Hackerspace Charlotte receives a cupcake from Protospace in (Calgary, Canada).

Makers Local 256 (Huntsville, AL, USA) opens the cupcake from Santa Barbara Hackerspace (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

yo dawg cupcake Global hackerspace cupcake challenge update

Finally, Makers Local 256 attempted to ship a cupcake inside another cupcake, however they were thwarted by the post office.


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