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If you have computers in or near your woodshop, don’t underestimate the need for a dust extraction system. In fact, even if you don’t, you still need one. This how-to, by Instructables member bongodrummer, shows you how to make your own.

In this project we turn a bunch of old free stuff, including two old household vacuums into what is arguably the most useful and necessary of workshop tools: the dust extractor. But why stop there? Lets make a really fantastically effective dust extractor, one that is whisper quiet, never stops sucking or plagues you with blocked filters, one that is versatile enough to take dust from a variety of power tools, one that turns on and off on its own so you never forget, and most important of all, one that does a good job of extracting the small – most deadly – particulates from the air you breath… Step forth, ‘The Dust Sniper’.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

My interests include writing, electronics, RPGs, scifi, hackers & hackerspaces, 3D printing, building sets & toys. @johnbaichtal

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    IMO the padding used for noise muffling is a bad decision since the sound of the collection system, under the normal noise of the band-saw will go unnoticed.
    But the heat from the vacuum motors will not be dissipated.

    On another note… is it possible to block or filter out the f’n twitter posts from the “Reactions”?
    There’s nothing MORE annoying than a bunch of “ME TOO” posts, none of which add anything of merit beyond to regurgitate ANOTHER link to the article displayed above.
    Twitter…. a pointless utility which is not useful for comment propagation.
    (Not with all the lemmings that use it.)

  2. Dust Extractors Information

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