This attractive partition, called ECOoler, designed by Mey Kahn and Boaz Kahn combines two traditional Middle-Eastern elements to create an environmentally friendly cooling system. One part Mashrabiya, an ornate architectural partition made of clay or cement bricks, the other part Jara, a clay jug that acts as an evaporative cooler. It’s comprised of slip cast ceramic tubular tiles that are joined together using common garden hose fittings and connected to a water supply. [via LikeCool]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • Tracy Cooper Jr.

    Adam. Your ECOoler link has a /br in the link itself.

  • VRAndy

    What’s missing is a discussion of performance. How well does this work?

    It’s too bad that these only work in dry heat, I’ve been wanting to try something similar, but I know it would almost never work where I am.

  • Jordan Pollard

    In other cool evaporative cooling news……

  • Jordan Pollard

    In other evaporative cooling news……wow

  • Saul Radshaw


  • portable evaporative cooler

    pictures are nice.