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  • kioopi

    Double Rainbow all the way.

    • Bob D

      What does it mean?

      • Tim Harris


  • Robert Bianco

    all that work to tag a Rainbow?????????????? Im not a hater but geeshe getta Job man

  • Anonymous

    Vandalism is a crime. I don’t think it is appropriate to showcase a crime. It isn’t “neat”, it’s destruction of property.

    • Anthony Gilberti

      Obviously, you haven’t been on MAKE blog for long. They post anything that was built by someone and has a neat or unorthodox purpose. They don’t really care if the end result may be considered illegal. They only care about whether it has a potential ethically sound application.

      Besides, “neat” and “destruction of property” are not mutually exclusive. Something can be simultaneously “neat” and “destruction of property”. Technically, this is not even destruction of property, but defacing of private property, and only if this person failed to get prior approval from the owner of the building. If he did get permission, then no harm and no foul.

    • Anonymous

      What basis for discerning that this is a crime do you have…. Did it ever occur to you that he may either own the property or have permission to tag it ? For that matter he may have been providing a for pay service. Jumping to conclusions about ones guilt is the only crime I see here.

      • Tim Lewallen

        If you follow the link to the original article you find this – “Robo-Rainbow is one of Akay his “Instruments of Mass Destructions”, a.k.a. “complicated technical solutions to aide in simple acts of vandalism”.”

        They state it themselves.

        C’mon Make, you are better than this.

        • VRAndy

          This is a clever gadget.

          What it’s used for doesn’t change that, or make me any less interested in reading about it.

          Clearly I’m not the only one interested in reading about it. So why would you possibly suggest that make is “better than” posting it? A blog post is not some sort of validation or endorsement. It’s for providing the readers with interesting things to read or watch. Mission accomplished.

  • Charlie Visnic

    I love it!

  • Sage Gruber Baruth

    Making the world a brighter place one rainbow at a time.