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As an entry to the 555 contest, Flickr member eschlaep has put together a beautiful AM radio:

The 555 timer is configured as a pulse width modulator in a non-traditional configuration. If I used the standard approach and connected the input to the CV pin, the low impedance of the pin would prevent the circuit from receiving any radio signals. I had to invert the circuit and tie both high impedance analog pins, Threshold and Trigger to the radio signal input. This is the reason why the CMOS version of the 555 timer performs much better than the standard bipolar, which has higher input bias current.

John Baichtal

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  1. Martin says:

    “As an entry to the 55 contest, ” – that should be “555 contest”.. and the link needs to be fixed too.

  2. Your link is still wrong. Here I will help you – go here:

  3. Dino Segovis says:

    This is one of the most beautiful and tastefully done 555 projects I’ve seen so far.

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