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  • blmathew1955

    I am a librarian/administrator by trade and a crafter to keep my sanity. I think this idea is adorable, but may I offer one piece of “professional” advice, and not criticism? Paperclips are not good bookmarks to use in public library books. They can damage the paper by tearing it, or creasing it. This is in turn may cause you to incur a fee at your library. So, please use this absolutely adorable idea and make them as gifts for your family and friends, or even as a donation to your local public library to help them with a fund raising to purchase new books. Thank you, I didn’t mean to preach. :)

  • Rachel Hobson

    That’s a really good point to mention! I wonder if you could wrap some decorative tape around the clip to help prevent tears … Something to consider for sure! Thanks for chiming in. :)