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    1. Go Higher says:

      Go higher!……… GO HIGHER!…………… JUMMMP!!!!!!!!!!

  1. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. haha, this isn’t in america is it? I couldn’t ever see this passing any kind of regulations for children.

    It is really bad ass, though.

    1. Children smildren. *I* want one!

      1. Anonymous says:


        1. me too 2 of them facing each other for swing battles

  3. Sell adspace on the kids’ tshirts and you’re back in business. heh heh

  4. I like jumping off swings…and unless that billboard is really high up for base jumping….I dunno.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i can smell the litigation from here in the Great Republic of Texas.

    1. Lol ! “Great Republic of Texas”

  6. Marieke Bier says:

    OMG.. that’s awesome! I can feel the vertigo kick in just looking at the picture. What a fantastic idea.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cool … let’s see who can jump the furthest!

  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. Ben says:

    Ironically this is probably just another advert.

  10. Orinoco 360 says:

    A little dangerous, but at the same time creative!

  11. I see trouble in the immediate future. The air 25 feet above the earth is NOT A PLAYGROUND PEOPLE!

  12. A ver quien llega mas lejos??

  13. A ver quien llega mas lejos??

  14. Kerrie Kurth says:

    Shooter, although as a big fan I like them all.

  15. How are you suppose to make money from that? I see liability.