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  1. Mister Biggs says:

    dirty feet walking on a food preparation surface.



    1. Tim Thaler says:

      you don’t walk on it when it is up… It’s covered by two layers when down (Flor Rugs, and 1/8″ fibre board), and the cat’s dirty feet walk on my white crystallized glass countertops all the time because they are bad (that is way more gross to me). Plus, have you ever heard of disinfectant? And finally who says you need to prepare food on it in the first place. I just use to to store my big pots and pans.

      1. TotalMonkey says:

        I just want to know where the heck that thing goes! :-)

        1. Tim Thaler says:

          Into an RFID controlled hidden room / unfinished storage room. Maybe I’ll post that on my next video (only it won’t be so hidden anymore if I do that).

  2. I was about to say the same as Mister Biggs. I work in a restaurant kitchen for a living and I can tell sometimes bad stuff happens in kitchens. But that doesn’t seem to be in accordance with health & safety regulations. It still stays a cool idea. I would preferably see something like a washing machine or fridge coming out of the floor.

  3. GuyOnthe S says:

    Nasty. Step in dogshit in the yard? Walk into the kitchen? How about the gap when you mop, water in the gap around the edges. I spill all kinds of crap on my floor. Lot of really cool work for a not very good concept.

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