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Thanks to our commenters for pointing out that, contrary to my implication in Monday’s bolt-action spud gun post, Jeremy Cook—cool though his project certainly is—is not the first person to build a breech-loading potato cannon. Not by a long shot. (Heh, sorry.)

Take, for instance, the SP9004, here, which is attributed to one Ed Goldmann, and is now, I believe, owned by Spudgun Technology Center proprietor Jeremy Hanson, of Minnesota, who writes:

Pure oxygen and propane fueled, laser sighted, bolt action, electrically controlled….This is one awesome piece of launching ordinance! It shoots spuds quite fast and is VERY cool looking. It is so cool looking Ed sent a picture to the feds (ATF) along with a letter querying the SP9004’s legality with the understanding it is for recreational launching of potato slugs only.

[Thanks, SeedyP and Tim Harris!]

Sean Michael Ragan

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