Celebrate Today’s Shuttle Launch With Space Crafts

Crochet Space Shuttle

Sure, today folks are celebrating the royal wedding, but my thoughts have been more focused on today’s potential shuttle launch. Targeted for a 3:47 PM EST launch, the space shuttle Endeavour will make it’s final journey in to orbit in the next-to-last shuttle flight ever. You can read more about the mission and follow the NASA Tweetup in progress to get a special look at this historic event. Now, enjoy some of our favorite space crafts we’ve shared here on Craft to get you in the space-y spirit!
Needle Felted Hubble Space Telescope
Needle Felted Space Shuttle

AXM Paper Space Scale Models

Space Shuttle Birthday Cake

Crochet Saturn V Rocket
Slice of Jupiter Scarf

Laura Cesari’s Astronomy Necklaces

Cross-Stitch Solar System Coasters
And some of my own space stitchery:

Hubble-Inspired Cross Stitch

Etsy and NASA Space Craft Contest Winners

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