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Over on CRAFT, Katie Wilson has some exclusive comments from Oakland artist Shawn HibmaCronan, whose mechanical sculpture The Press is on display at Terminal 2 of the San Francisco International Airport until 2021. I’m guessing the lawyers put a rope around it when they saw those big potentially-finger-crushing gears, but Shawn talks about how important it was, to him, to design the mechanism to be operable by a single person. So it’d be cool if they actually let people operate it. [Thanks, Katie!]

Sean Michael Ragan

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  1. Very nice! Is there any video of this in operation?

  2. My dad used to operate a printing press like that one when he was working on his Ph.D. You have to be fast. You physically reach into the press to remove the printed leaflet and place the next blank sheet before the print head returns. Fail, and it is bye bye hand.

  3. says:

    On display at the airport? So if I provide the federal government with my biographical information, a photo ID, and submit to an invasive search, I can go see this art piece centered on the single word “FREEDOM”?

    I dearly hope the choice of venue was intended to invoke a sense of irony in the viewer!

  4. After the initial success of his “Freedom of the Press,” the artist plans on rolling up his sleeves and starting on his next project, “The Right to Bear Arms,” which reportedly involves limb-grafting and a grizzly…