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Now that our space program is over, we can all look forward to getting back to basics (don’t freak, it’s not real)…


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    • Chris Gammell

      An astro-chop!

  • Anonymous

    Um, also our space program isn’t “over”. The shuttles are just about done, but honestly it’s long past time that they be retired. I too am unhappy with our lauch gap, but I expect we’ll have a man-rated solution shortly. (go SpaceX!)

  • Randy Addison

    They just shot a pig in a capsule high up in the sky and dropped slowly with a parachute. What happened to the pig? Just had a dizzy day flying. lol

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely dire.

    Yet another example of mankind’s inhumanity and cruelty.

    Here’s a thought.. How about the boyos in their lovely hats and suits projectile themselves up into the sky.

    Maybe they would survive. Or not.

    • Anonymous

      it’s not real, please click the link after the “don’t freak” part…

  • AndrewS

    what does this have to do with anything?
    is this a clue that your going to try and get the moon turned into a hackerspace just because NASA doesn’t use it anymore?

    • Anonymous

      space is the ultimate hacker space :)

      • Anonymous

        you keep saying its not real…yes these stills are not, but FACT IS that
        the Russians and Americans used pig dogs and primates in tests for their space
        programs. In fact first animal in space orbit was a Russian dog named Layka. There were
        many before and after that did not make it with gruesome results.

        As for you
        animal lover should be put in the jungle and see how long it takes for a bear
        or lion to tare you apart with complete disregards for your feelings. Wake up
        nature is cruel and is been that way for millions of years. yes it was not pleasant for the animals heelllllloooo, lets put a human in there and tested that way or better yet a baby so we can save the weight. way more pleasant for humans make total sense save the pigs for bacon factory!!!


  • undeded

    When Pigs Fly! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Gary

    Need a picture of the men sitting around a table eating pork chops and finishing off the bottle!

  • Chelsea Stock

    This is disturbing. As a veterinary technician, I don’t think that this can be a good experience, both physically and mentally for the animals.

    • Anonymous

      it’s not real, please click the link after the “don’t freak” part…

  • nimbus nine

    I put this file together years ago. It makes me proud to see it in circulation from time to time! The stills are from this movie:

  • Michael David Gross

    Now that our space program is over, we can all look forward to getting back to basics

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  • Chappiethewonderdog

    freaky or should i say streaky

  • Chappiethewonderdog

    freaky or should i say streaky

  • Zaa

    I really hate the animal activist, anyone who is commenting this saying, “Oh that is so cruel to the animal” is an idiot. I’d rather it be animal than a human. Even for medical testing, people whine about animal medical testing and I am down for animal rights, if who ever complains about this kind of stuff decides they will do the testing instead of the animals. For I am sure as hell I will not be a test subject to experimental science and medicine.

  • jasmine

    IT’S NOT REAL GUYS!! Stop freaking out about animal cruelty, cause the pig was not actually shot into the air. Read the caption before you go around whining and crying from making assumptions