Japanese YouTube user denha compiled this chronicle of marble machines that they have made over the last four years. In addition to the video of them working, there are also explanations of most of the mechanisms on their site. [via Make: Japan]

  • http://profiles.google.com/jdmcritter John Morse

    Wow! Some great work here!

  • https://profiles.google.com/105137564056066360178 dec

    These are really cool!

    Does anyone know the name of the wire used for the ball tracks? I’d like to try to make something like this.

  • Anonymous

    These videos made me fall asleep! The image is mesmerizing and the sound adds to the effect.

  • steve salles

    its time to compose a book for the expansion showing various ideas I have seen over 100 different marble machines with the wildest ideas like the old mousetrap game with robotics and a pinbal machine all rolled into one. The skys the limit

  • nur ali

    mr denha can me buy marble machine u

  • nur ali

    please i like marble machine u