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  1. John Morse says:

    Wow! Some great work here!

  2. dec says:

    These are really cool!

    Does anyone know the name of the wire used for the ball tracks? I’d like to try to make something like this.

    1. Adrian Lodge says:

      In fact, no. It’s probably too springy…

      1. dec says:

        Hey, thanks for your help! After some more searching I found this video on denha’s channel about making the wire tracks:

        In case anyone else is wondering, he uses brass wire, which is also popular for jewelry making apparently. The video shows 1mm wire (18 gauge). Looks like Amazon has some:

  3. Anonymous says:

    These videos made me fall asleep! The image is mesmerizing and the sound adds to the effect.

  4. steve salles says:

    its time to compose a book for the expansion showing various ideas I have seen over 100 different marble machines with the wildest ideas like the old mousetrap game with robotics and a pinbal machine all rolled into one. The skys the limit

  5. nur ali says:

    mr denha can me buy marble machine u

  6. nur ali says:

    please i like marble machine u