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The first thing Meredith Scheff ever made was, and I quote, “probably a mess!” She quickly moved onto creating things much more worthwhile. Her North Star Skirt was one of the most interesting projects at Maker Faire last year. Meredith defies description as a comic book-writing-soft circuit-designing-soldering-sewing-creative force.

Meredith will be displaying her projects at Maker Faire Bay Area, May 21 & 22. There you can meet her, and her razor sharp wit!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very cool and inspirational.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Serious question — how does one *wash* these soft circuit creations? Or are they dry-clean only? I’d be worried about durability.

  3. Pip says:

    The starboards are machine wash safe. You need to remove the batteries, but the starboards themselves are quite durable. If you were using conductive thread, I’d bet the conductive thread would get to corroded before the starboards did for example. A process that takes months or years depending on the circuit, article of clothing, etc.

  4. Lee Sonko says:

    Ha! (that is all I have to say)

  5. Drew Fustini says:

    Awesome work! Can’t wait to visit Noisebridge in little over a week :)

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