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Like My Pencil Box, I have coveted this lovely-yet-expensive Cole & Son wallpaper for years. The perfect solution? To DIY it yourself by sketching it onto your wall with a pencil, and carefully and patiently going over the pencil marks with a black pen. The result is this exquisite wall that the home owners created themselves. A few hand cramps is better than $200 a roll!
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Meg Allan Cole

Meg Allan Cole

DIY guru

  • deny saputra

    I think that’s should apply at my house!

  • Gwyneth White

    i love this! is there a template of it somewhere???

  • acajjou

    Beautiful! Is there a blog post somewhere with more detail? I tried googling, but only came up with this post.

  • Meg Allan Cole

    The step-by-step is included in both articles, as it is super-simple. You literally draw it onto your wall with pencil first, then black marker. You can print out an image of the original wallpaper as a guide first here:
    Hope this helps!
    xo, Meg