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Nirav Patel is literally making things with a wave of his hand. Harnessing a hacked Kinect, he has written a program for “Gestural 3D Printing”. He calls the project “inane and irrelevant” but it is actually a perfect, shining example of creative ingenuity!

Nirav, his Kinect, and his RepRap will be at Maker Faire Bay Area, May 21 & 22. There you can meet him and see his amazing programs in action.

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  • Saiman Miah

    OMG! This is the story of my life… well kind of. I loved taking apart my toys to create better ones and I still even do that till today…

    Right now I am doing my MA in Architecture and a £3D printer would be nice! How and how much would this cost to build?

    Bravo! Amazing programming!