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Google picks Arduino for Android Open Accessory “kit”

From the beginning, Android was designed to extend beyond the mobile phone. With that in mind, we’ve developed Android Open Accessory to help developers start building new hardware accessories that will work across all Android devices. We previewed an initiative called Android@Home, which allows Android apps to discover, connect and communicate with appliances and devices in your home. We also showed a preview of Project Tungsten, an Android device for Music Beta to give you more control over music playback within the Android@Home network.

A USB micro-controller board that is based on the Arduino Mega2560 and Circuits@Home USB Host Shield designs (now referred to as the ADK board), which you will later implement as an Android USB accessory. The ADK board provides input and output pins that you can implement through the use of attachments called “shields.” Custom firmware, written in C++, is installed on the board to define the board’s functionality and interaction with the attached shield and Android-powered device. The hardware design files for the board are located in hardware/ directory.

…This is the Arduino board for Android OS (2.3.4 or later) to connect I/O. This item is ??? same model which is devlivered by Google in USB session of Google I/O 2011. All software are working with this boards set. Contents in box RT-ADK 1 RT-ADS 1 microUSB cables 2 Please download software from above URL. RT-ADK?RT-ADS main feature CPU: AVR Base mode: Arduino with USB host function

Android Open Accessory Development Kit

Looks like you can buy the board here for about $400 bucks.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. Ben R says:

    Very cool but.. $400? Damn. I hope some good alternative builds hit the market soon.

    1. Dan Clark says:

      Very cool! The $400 dev board likely has EVERYTHING a dev team would need to start designing more android peripherals, dock stations with enhanced functionality, etc. But since it is Arduino-based, that makes it easier for much cheaper alternatives to be designed for makers and diyers. Only a matter of time until an open source Droiduino board comes to market…

      1. Gregg says:

        And it seems to be in Japanese on that site. They should also have a US based vendor as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doctor Allcome to AVRfreaks..

  3.  Cool but pretty expensive, should be cut to $40 ….

  4. Well now we have Apple’s reaction to the Android ADK,

    While it’s still MFi crunchy on the outside, the inside is starting to get a little gooey. I’m going to be really interested to see where this goes…

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