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Beginners Lock Picking Set

Picking locks is one of my favorite skills. It can be one of yours as well with the Beginners Lock-Picking Blend Set from the Maker Shed. Learn about the inner workings of the mortise and cylinder lock, first developed by the Egyptians over 4000 years ago. Each set contains 8 tools hand-picked by TOOOL (The Open Organization Of Lock-pickers) that will get you on your way to opening a variety of different locks.


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  1. Or you could just buy this set for $15 and it comes with a book:

  2. Anonymous says:

    $10 more than directly from TOOOL. Shame.

  3. beakmyn says:

    To each his own on price. This is a custom set with picks coming from at least 2 different manufacturers possibly 3 or more. You get the best of each type of pick. I like the blended sets. 

  4. Lockpick is a great sport. Just bought a lockpick set on