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In the Kitchen
By Katie Goodman
Grilled corn is one of my favorite things about summertime. I love the sweet, juicy kernels. It’s a great accompaniment to any backyard BBQ.
If you’ve never tried grilling corn before, I hope you’ll try it soon. It is simple and has so much flavor.



Corn, husks on
Large bowl,
Water, optional
Butter, softened to room temperature
Pastry brush
Gas or charcoal grill
Grill-safe tongs


Step 1: Preheat grill to medium heat.
Optional: Fill a large bowl with water and soak the corn for 15-30 minutes. This helps the husks not burn, but is not necessary. I like the flavor that the dried husks give the corn.
Step 2: Peel back the husks of the corn, but keep them attached to the cob. Remove all of the silky threads and discard. Rinse the corn.
Step 3: Pat the corn dry and then spread with softened butter using a pastry brush. If desired, add salt and pepper or sprinkle with fresh herbs. Pull the husks forward back over the corn kernels.
Step 4: Grill over medium heat for 25-40 minutes, turning with tongs regularly (every 5-7 minutes), or until kernels are hot and tender.
Optional: During the last 10 minutes, gently peel back the husks using a oven mitt-covered hand, and grill the corn directly on the grill grates. This browns the corn and gives it some grill marks.
Step 5: Let sit until cool enough to handle. Peel back the husks, discard them, and serve the corn.

About the Author:

Katie Goodman blogs at goodLife {eats} where she shares what she finds good in the kitchen and in life through recipes, family memories, and yummy photography. She also works as a freelance food writer and photographer for various sites. Outside of cooking, Katie loves reading, gardening, visiting family, and attending the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she resides with her husband and two children.



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