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Granted, not every gardener wants snails around, but Erin at Elysian Studios tells a story of how her sons became fascinated by one these slow-moving crawlers and asked, “Can we keep him, Mom?”
Erin whipped this snail habitat together, and shares a nice how-to so you can do the same with your kids.



  • izsable kentster

    I think that this is a really cool website an dtottaly think that it is a great wbsite for kids when they are doing projects or something. I really like this site!!! i give it two thumbs up!!!!!:)

  • charlie

    rubbish and im a kid

    • http://art&ballet Jahnae_Justice

      If you don’t like it why did you came here??? And you don’t have to be like. Adult for it to be rubbish… pffft I’m a teenager…

  • gingerplium

    THANK YOU! My daughter just brought two snails home from school and now we can build them a habitat like this one. Not “rubbish” at all, way cool!