This video from Al Jazeera shows off some of the improvised technology being developed in support of the rebel forces in Libya. Among the wares is a repurposed Power Wheels toy outfitted with a machine gun. [via /.]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • haqn

    Why is it that human energy and ingenuity is so easy to engage for the purpose of war?  Why does war inspire so easily? 

    • this guy

      In a word, survival.

      • haqn

        And things like growing food, educating children, healing people, building houses, etc. is about something other than survival?  If these things got as much ingenuity poured into them (Libya imports everything, even on a good day) as this war stuff has, Libya probably wouldn’t have had a Gadaffi to begin with. 

  • Oblomov

    Make: Online has a “be nice” commenting policy

    But where is the policy about placing content? Isn’t there a code of conduct saying that posts about “human degut tools”  or  “a brain blowout tools” should not be placed?

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    I’m disappointed in Make.


  • Dan Anderson

    They are in a school yard…  Seems inappropriate, making a school a legitimate target.

  • Tim Hartman

    Necessity is the mother of invention.  Note to self: Put even more remote surveillance equipment on the ol’ parts shelf.