News From The Future – Robot Patient Gags When Visiting the Dentist

The robot is designed to help dental students practice, so researchers at Showa University made it as realistic as possible. That means it chokes, coughs, sneezes, moves its tongue and even gets a sore jaw. The builders worked with Japan’s leading maker of “love dolls” for adults, Orient Industry, to make the skin, tongue and mouth.

The tongue and arms have two degrees of freedom, so the robot can mimic a patient who starts to fidget while a dentist tries to perform prophylaxis. The skin is made of silicone and the tongue and cheek linings are made of one piece, so it feels more real — no obvious rubber seams, and no way for water to leak through and harm the machinery.

Make sure to watch the video around 2:43+ – perviously dental students learned by assisting low-income humans, another human segment displaced, by robots.

  • sean hathaway

    This is pretty cool technology, but I can imagine some lonely dental professors doing some pretty icky things after-hours.

  • J

    Oh geez. My first thought was “Damn thats creepy.” Followed by “This technology is being abused somewhere right this second…” Yikes.

  • J

    My first comment was before watching the video. Wow thats funny/mind-blowingly horrible.

    It can do everything but curse god, because there can’t possibly be one.

  • J

    This is why the machines hate us. So. Much.

  • J

    Can it do laundry?

  • Anonymous

    Does she spit or swallow

  • Anonymous

    “Perviously?” LOL

    Manufactured by “maker of love-dolls” LMFAO!

  • Shukan Parikh Kanuga

    This is neat; a must see for my dentist friends!

  • Brendon Spaziani

    Wow, it’s so amazing! with this invention, for sure people will be more encouraged to visit their dentist. This invention could be a useful tool for both dental schools and clinics as well.