We’ve been highlighting a lot of the amazing stunts that are performed with quadrotors lately; it practically seems like these little buzzing aircraft are infallible superstars. Well, if you’re sick of them acting like the BMOC and want to see them taken down a peg, this video from UPenn’s GRASP laboratory won’t disappoint. [via Adafruit]

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson is a San Francisco-based creative technologist and Contributing Editor at MAKE. He’s the co-author of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and the author of Getting Started with BeagleBone.

  • Anonymous

    excellent!  that was funny!  quadrotors gone crazy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Forposting/100002531076048 Justin Forposting

    It would be even better to see why these went wrong, human error or programming error or design error or something else.  But in any case it’s good to see there is a weakness.  I shall be stocking up on hula-hoops for the impending robot uprising.