For some reason I’ve seen a bunch of cars with “Just Married” scrawled on the windows driving around town recently. (Must be wedding season!) I like the idea of course, but the execution is lacking. So here’s a tip: if you or anyone you know is getting married this summer, make this stiched Just Married sign instead! It’s charming, a great keepsake, and easy to do. (You just need fabric, felt, and some suction cups for attaching to the window.)

  • Alissa Clough

    I hate to say this, but there is something very wrong with this. The Just Married graffito *should* be crude, a people’s response to a day of rigid conformity to tradition and the Bride’s whims. If this catches on, there’ll be just another detail that Bridzilla can have a tantrum over if it’s not to her precise requirements, and a potentially expensive one at that. (“You don’t love me! I want the same quiltmaker that Winsor has!) And how many times will they actually look at or use this ‘keepsake’ anyway? (How many times do people look at their wedding videos?) Yeah, you’re a crafter, and you just love another excuse to use your platinum needle, but sheesh! Give the getaway car back to his pals, not your craftly urges.

  • Arwen O’Reilly Griffith

    Alissa, I respectfully disagree! I’ve been to many weddings that in no way, shape, or form conform rigidly to anyone’s expectations, and I suspect those are the brides and grooms who would appreciate such a sign. And to me, it also seems like just the sort of keepsake you might want to keep around and display, unlike those wedding videos that sit on the shelf :) But even if you just glue the felt letters on instead of sewing, it’s still a unique way to shout your happiness from the rooftops, which is what those signs are really about, in my opinion!

  • qihxmydh

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