Sean @ MAKE posted this fantastic space shuttle cake, made by Craig T. Fifer of Alexandria, Virginia.

The Orbiter is made from brownie covered in fondant; the orange External Tank is made from PVC pipe and holds ice cream; the white Solid Rocket Boosters are made from PVC pipe and hold chocolate syrup and caramel sauce, respectively; and the brownie base is topped with whipped cream steam with color mist and sprinkles.

Be sure to look through the slide show on Craig’s web site for pictures of the cake being dismantled and eaten. The ice cream being pushed out of the ET and then topped with caramel from an SRB makes this not only one of the coolest looking cakes, but an awesome interactive cake as well.
Space Shuttle Cake

Crochet Space Shuttle
Needle Felted Space Shuttle

  • Craig Fifer

    Thanks very much for featuring my cake! My brother and neighbor made it for my birthday last year, and they did an amazing job conceiving of and creating it!
    -Craig Fifer

  • Rachel Hobson

    You are most welcome, Craig! You are a lucky guy – this cake is fantastic. :)