We’ve been talking about making our own jam for the past few days at my house, so it’s only fitting we stocked up on Ball jars today on National Can-it-Forward Day. Check out the web site for recipes and information on how to be your own preserver. What kind of foods are folks out there canning?

  • Tori

    How cool! I never heard of Can-it-Forward Day…. I’m waiting for the Prickly Pears to turn darkest purple – almost black – so I make Prickly Pear Syrup. Yummm.

  • rowena___.

    i have spent the entire day canning beef broth and ground beef. i am EXHAUSTED. but pleased. :)

  • Sta

    I could use a good sugar free blueberry preserve recipe.

  • Julie

    You can use Pomona’s pectin to make jams with anything you want (or don’t want) in it, like sugar. It is initially more expensive per box, but it makes a whole lot more jam than one of the regular sized boxes.

  • elizabeth jackson

    i love canning soup. it’s the best quick fix food and it’s just the way i like it!

  • melissa

    I wasn’t able to can today, but so far this season I’ve got lots of jars of raspberry jam (made without pectin, I use green apples instead), blackberry jam and zucchini pickles. I’ve got baskets of apples waiting on my table to become sauce and butter.

  • rose

    I totally forgot that today was can-it-forward day. But I did just make some very tasty vanilla peach jam tonight. I am actually teaching a few church girls this week how to can, should be exciting!

  • Seanna Lea

    I did canning on Sunday. I made Cherry Lavendar preserves.

  • AnneK

    I didn’t actually realize it was Can-it-forward day on Saturday but I did spend the whole weekend canning. So far the grand total is 13 pints of tomato sauce, 12 pints of apple sauce, 5 1/2-pints of strawberry jam, 5 1/2-pints of triple berry jam, 7 1/2-pints of peach jam, and 3 quarts of peach pie filling. I keep looking around for other stuff to can….