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Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi: More Than 40 Itty-Bitty Minis to Knit, Wear, and Give, by Anna Hrachovec
Book Site: Mochimochi Land
You may remember Anna Hrachovec from our recent interview about her two years of tiny knitting projects. Well, she has a new book coming out as a result, and we’re lucky enough to have a pattern excerpt for you: Tiny Chickens!
Click the link below to download your PDF pattern. When you’re done knitting tiny chickens, you can pop over to Anna’s Ravelry page and share your results.

Download PDF Download the Pattern PDF
Right click to save the PDF to your desktop. Directions on downloading PDFs.




  • Donnell

    I am almost finished with making my first chicken but hopefully not my last. However, I’ve noticed in the pattern that the picture (B) for making the wings is exactly the same picture as the picture (A) for making the comb. I know that they are both about picking up stitching but I think that the second picture, if it were a picture of picking up the wings, would be more helpful for wing placement.
    Thank you for the free pattern though. I’m probably going to go buy the book today and maybe it will have a wing picture.

  • Tera

    So tiny, and so cute! What on Earth are you knitting with? Toothpicks? Incredible talent!

  • jirarat

    Give me some pattern, Thank’s you

  • tabby

    how did you do that

  • laryTite

    Me too, ty for sharing this..

  • palldery

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  • vuchickens

    Thanks so much for the pattern! I am totally in love! I’m going to make a bunch to put in my kids’ Easter baskets. :-)

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