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Kids and cheap RC cars is a bad mix. In reality kids cannot control these things. They end up slamming the car into things, and keep pressing “forward”, even when the poor vehicle is facing a wall.

With the purpose of preparing you for some nifty programming tricks in the next episode of The Latest in Hobby Robotics, in this episode I’ll you how to make a cheap RC car automatically stop before it hits an object.

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  • Peter James

    Great video!  Looking forward to the code review, if you decided to do it.

  • Joe

    at first I was like “your ruining the point and fun of an R/C car”, then when you flipped it I spit out my coffee because that was hilarious, then when I saw your next project, I went “woah, you just turned a cheap toy into a follow robot, that is way cool!”

  • Thomas Off

    The direct link to the video is wrong, there’s an extra ‘.m4v’ at the end of the URL.

  • jim

    this is great!! thanks for even showing your code. i’m looking forward to the video of how you coded those car to race each other

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