Ruffle-butt undies for grownups? Squee!
In her latest video tutorial, Lex from What the Craft demonstrates how to make your very own pair of ruffle-butt underpants (or plain underpants, for the unadventurous), and the results are definitely cute. But, unlike the fluffy ruffle-butt underpants of yesteryear, these will still fit in your jeans!

Check out the first part of the tutorial here, then head over to What the Craft to see the rest!

Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses

  • Mary

    If you can’t hide it, decorate it.

  • Allie in SC

    “we don’t want crooked, wonky underwear.” I love this tutorial… THANK YOU! Very easy to understand :)

  • Lex

    Thank you so much for sharing my tutorial! :D I hope people have fun with it.

  • Maija

    I had ruffle butt undies when I was about 5 years old. I wonder if 51 is too old for them? NAWWWWWWWW!!!!
    Thanks for the memory!