Pt 101573

News From The Future: Mushroom Death Suit… Artist and inventor Jae Rhim Lee

I thought I could train a toxin-cleaning edible mushroom to eat my body. These mushrooms, which usually grow on wood and decaying material in the forest, can be trained to grow on pretty much any organic material and break it down. So I started collecting my hair, nails and skin so I could pick the best mushrooms to become Infinity Mushrooms, to recognize and eat my body after I die.

  • Bryan

    That’s somewhat morbid.  What is she planning on doing?  Having people eat the mushrooms?  Perhaps her kids?

    • Jah L. Washington

      maybe she’s hoping they’ll eat you. anyway the sun is trying to kill me. *runs away*

  • Craig Hunt

    Is this, like, some kind of new Margaret Cho routine?

  • Craig Hunt

    Is this, like, some kind of new Margaret Cho stand up routine?

  • Андрей Andrey

    If you ever saw what fungus mushrooms do to insects in the rain forest i don’t see anything good about enticing a fungus that targets human species. If it will be a virus that kills us all it will be a fungus, we currently have no effective drugs to treat any serious fungal infections, the treatment usually involves injections of the hardest antibiotics we have and even then hope for the best its not a guarantee it will work at all.