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Learn how to make a drifting robot car with a few cheap components and some simple code in this tutorial episode of The Latest in Hobby Robotics.

The car used in the video is a “Fast Lane RC Monster Drift 1:24″ by Maisto Tech. It’s sold in many webshops and on eBay. You can download the code used in the video on Let’s Make Robots. I used the PICAXE 08M on AXE230 microcontroller (by Revolution Education) and the SRF05 ultra-sonic rangefinder (by Devantech). As for tools, I used the DSO nano pocket oscilloscope by Seeed Studio (available in the Maker Shed), and the simple servo tester by Gadget Gangster.

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6 Responses to How-To: Drifting Robot Car (video)

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    Fantastic. I like the project, but more than that I love the new program format of taking a project from beginning to end with an explanation of the tools and tricks used and why. And on that note the servo tester is something I REALLY need to get my hands on. Too often I find myself needing to dismantle an Arduino project just to add a pot to test a servos range of motion. Great video.

  2. Leisa Dreps on said:

    Robot cars never fail to impress me even though I’m a woman. Back when I was still a child, I used to have a collection of them. Making one would mean the world to me. I will then be able to have a collection of my own-made cars. =)

    Leisa Dreps

  3. Thanks for the video, I already watched it a couple of times. It really made me want to turn my sons Finn McMissile toy car into a robotic one. I also liked the part about the servo tester. Thanks for sharing!

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