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Clever idea over at Wind outdoor lights around a wire wreathe frame, using the lights’ built-in-clips to secure them in place. The resulting “glamor” video lighting looks pretty good, as you can see. [Thanks, Udi!]

Sean Michael Ragan

I am descended from 5,000 generations of tool-using primates. Also, I went to college and stuff. I write for MAKE, serve as Technical Editor for MAKE magazine, and develop original DIY content for Make: Projects.



  1. JayDub says:

    Could clear LED bulbs work?  

    1. Anonymous says:

      Probably work okay but LEDs tend to give a light that’s not as pleasing as incandescent. Basically, they don’t tend to give off light in every colour and every colour in between (like a rainbow) that is a true white like incandescent they instead have mish-mash of different colour that we see as white, cameras don’t always think it’s as white as we think. Also, most LED christmas lights I have seen have a very blue tint and you can clearly see them pulsating. I’d personally go with incandescent, LED can look ok on camera but not always. Similar idea but with LED keychains, probably not as much of light and you run the risk of flairing by having the LEDs in front of the lens. The result looks quite decent .

      Give it a shot and get back to us ;)

  2. louise leblanc agree you’re right … ;)

  3. Chuck Woods says:

    I think that everyone who replaces Christ in Christmas with the letter x should have their name replaced with the letter x.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Using X in place of “Christ” is not a means of removing Christ from the holiday. X has been used for a thousand years to contract the word Christ and it’s compounds, such as Christmas. The X was originally used in place of the Greek word Χριστος meaning Christ. It has never been used as means to secularize the holiday, that is a rampant misconception.

  4. Nice Lighting! I wish I had time and made a similar device for the best lighting without shadows!