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Collin Purrington offers some great tips on the necessity of maintaining a laboratory notebook. While directed mainly at scientists, I could see it applying to anyone interested in Open Source Hardware development or simply working on difficult, long-term projects. [Via @cenmag]

In the Maker Shed:


Pick up The Maker’s Notebook ($19.99) for all your big ideas, diagrams, patterns, etc. Exclusive to the Maker Shed: Sticker sheets and a band closure to customize your book.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • Peter Scheyer

    The article is worth reading just for his chart of how specific types of pen inks survive harsh circumstances.

  • Anonymous

    Are these laser etching safe? NYC Resistor found MoleSkins contain PVC and should NOT be laser etched.  I’d like to etch some Make notebooks for customization.
    There is a way to mark a moleskin with a laser – sorta…
    eg cut shape & press into notebook under heavy pressure.

  • Anonymous

    I like my Livescribe pen and notebooks.  I get an electronic copy of everything I write and can even add audio notes that are tied to the written stuff.