Mr. X Stitch points us to this unbelievable cross stitched portrait of Bea Arthur by Adam Jon Moore. The detail is so astonishing that, at first glance, it almost looks like a photograph. I’m amazed by how much he was able to capture with just tiny Xs. Check out the detail in her hand!

  • Susan

    Bea Arthur? Why would anyone go to all the trouble to cross stitch her picture?

  • Rachel Hobson

    Hi Susan –
    Clearly, Adam found Bea to be inspiration enough to create this incredibly detailed piece. Even if the subject matter isn’t your cup of tea, we can all certainly appreciate the skill and time it took to make it, right?
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  • Alessa

    Oh my gosh, the patience! Beautiful. Betty White next?

  • Brdftch

    I think it’s brilliant. Bea was such a talent. Many don’t realize what she did before The Golden Girls. Rest in peace Bea!