Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn talks about the value of handmade, and how that extends to his line of kitchen knives that he builds in his studio in Brooklyn, New York. Joel was a writer by trade who, after taking a three month sabbatical, discovered the desire to make physical things instead. He worked with wood, jewelry, and eventually ended up making hunting knives. After finding that the knives were being displayed as works of art rather then functional tools, he switched to making kitchen knives, and catering to the New York food scene. My favorite part of the film is how he talks about moving into a work studio with others and the creativity that was fostered there.

via Kottke

Jake Spurlock

Jake Spurlock

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  • Thomas

    He has a bit of a potty mouth. I wonder about the heat treating. 

  • Tim Courtland

    Anyone else notice he was never wearing any safety glasses at all during the video. I don’t want to sound like ‘that’ person but come on. Sure sanding the wood for the handles would be ok, especially at high grit paper. But I would NEVER grind metal without at least my glasses on. Even when the sparks are going away from you.

    Apart from the safety lecture, he makes some very nice knives. I am very jealous. He has a good eye for the work. Lets hope he keeps both of them. lol