Neil Gershenfeld Speaks (CC-BY Flickr member ensceptico via Wikipedia)

MIT’s Professor Neil Gershenfeld gave a fascinating and engaging talk at the Carnegie Institute of Washington, DC on November 3rd. The event was a benefit for the emerging FabLabDC, which is intended to provide a high-tech fabrication laboratory within sight of the US Capitol. In the talk, he presented a unique vision of a community-based roadmap for automated manufacturing, where “data into thing” becomes “data is thing.” Overall, a very interesting presentation, with lots to think about for technologists, urban planners, educators, and more. Other than a couple of small quibbles around a false dichotomy between hackerspaces and FabLabs, it was fascinating, informative, and a lot to get excited about. You can find a lot more info in the FabLab FAQ, and most of the slides presented at the meeting are can be found here.


R. Mark Adams

R. Mark Adams

Biomolecular cryptologist, robotics hacker, bad skateboarder and all-around mad artist.

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  • AMalePoet

    Perhaps the “hacker verses maker” argument is all dependent on who rents the hall. With “legitimacy” of a learning institution and or an established business the place is a maker space or “fab lab”. Perhaps pink lab coats come standard in such places that are “fab”. But if like in the DIY spirit the men and woman who get their hand dirty also pay the rent it is a hacker space.. 

    I have found that calling a place other than hacker space seems to get those who have never heard of it to listen. This seems key to feel around for interest when your pockets aren’t as able to rent the hall.