Robert Woodhead of Wilmington, NC, had the rare opportunity to ride on G-Force One, a “vomit comet” style zero-G flight, and he’s bringing along a science experiment:

Well, after several days, we have a new launch date – if all goes well, I’ll be in Florida Nov 19-20 to fly on a Zero-G Experimental Flight. These differ from the regular tourist flights in that you get more parabolas (25) and can bring significant equipment onboard.

I had originally planned a simple apparatus but as preparations were made for the flight, it became clear than an enclosed experiment box would be much preferable. So I whipped up a simple setup using MicroRax miniature t-slot.

[Thanks, Chris!]

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • James B

    I enjoyed Dr Pettit’s youTube videos from the ISS, “Saturday Morning Science”.  They showed some interesting video of liquids in zero gravity.  Hopefully this project will build on that and provide more awesome footage.

    Those MicroRax are darned interesting.  Pricey, but interesting.

  • Robert Woodhead

    Just to clarify, this is not a regular “tourist” Zero-G flight (my entire family did one of those a few years ago, much fun and highly recommended; if you’re into Space, this is a must-do) but a special “experimental” flight, which is why I can bring aboard the equipment.

    I did some simple experiments on the first flight, which whet my appetite for doing something much more ambitious. In addition to the liquid experiments, I’m doing some simple physics demonstrations to use in a series of videos to use in science classes.