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  1. Luciano Moretti says:

    Dang the US for not using SI units!  I hope (but doubt) that my car will reach that level in miles.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is just a jab at me because somehow you know that I missed taking a picture of my 100,000 milestone isn’t it?! :(

  3. Matt McKay says:

    Had to read the reading out loud before I recognized the number, heh, nice one!

  4. Bob Lee says:

    Too bad the trip odometer doesn’t say “653.6″.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I bought my car about 2000 miles after that point in km (and I have the software to change the setting to mi from km), sadly.

    103,000 miles until I hit that point in mi. It’s actually likely, with this engine, though… except I don’t drive much in a year, so rust will probably get the car before I put 103,000 more on it.

  6. Mark Owens says:

    Sounds like you’ve been around. He, he Enjoy you PI

  7. I totally missed out on this one (did get my 300k and 333k tho :) ).  Funny thing is the odometer pictured is identical to mine (from a 90ish jeep cherokee).

  8. I was halfway through a response saying I have a car near that amount, and a previous car that was 51k km beyond that, and then I realized what the odo reading actually was… nicely done.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Only 93,000 more “units” before I have that in *miles* on my Toyota… if it makes it that far! ;-)

  10. Spencer says:

    It’s not Thanksgiving without some Pi!!

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