Hm. Honey as the base for a face wash/scrub. Have you tried this? I like the idea, but maybe I just get a kick out it because it sounds like such an experience, spreading honey all over your face.
Willow of Will Cook For Friends has a simple recipe up that only has three ingredients: raw honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. She goes into depth about the positive qualities of all three ingredients, but at the end of the day, I just want to know if it’s worth it. Because honey is labor intensive for bees to make!

Laura Cochrane

Laura Cochrane

I’m a DIY editor at Instructables and I used to be an editor at MAKE and CRAFT. I like hiking, biking, rock climbing, and etymology.

  • Cindy K

    Willow of Will Cook For Friends is very skilled when it come her photos.

  • Sarah

    Well, even if it doesn’t work on your face, you can use up the rest on toast.

  • Julie

    I’ve been using honey as my daily facial wash for about 4 months now. I like it. I ground up oats in a clean coffee grinder to exfoliate instead of cinnamon/nutmeg. I think I’ll try a combination of all three next time I mix up a batch.

  • Ivory

    I’ve heard of honey in face masks and stuff, but personally I’d be worried about the cinnamon on my face. It just seems like it would be too harsh. When I read this I had flashbacks to when I made those cinnamon ornaments with my preschool class a few yrs ago and one of the kids decided to rub her face while she still has some dough on her hands, she had a rash on her face for about a week.

  • Lilly

    I’ve been so happy with this facial wash recipe of mine:
    3 parts honey
    1 part benzonite clay mask
    1 part glycerin (look in almost every facial cleanser or any beauty product for that matter, they ALL have glyerine, a vegetarian humectant – meaning it helps trap moisture in your skin)
    essential oils (1-3 drops depending on how much you make)
    I use peppermint or rose wood or lemon grass.
    A tiny bit of liquid black soap (the kind with shea butter).
    You just want a small amount for the extra boost of cleansing power. The very small amount of shea butter should not cause you to break out, a tiny bit of oil on the face is good for most people.
    The result should be paste-like. Been using it twice a day, definitely not too exfoliating. I have sensitive and dry skin and it works wonders.

  • Ivory

    Thanks for sharing your recipe Lilly! That one I think I’ll try, I’m totally addicted benzonite clay mask, its the only thing that’s ever even managed to put a dent in clearing up my skin.

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    which kind of honey useful for this?

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