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snap circuits light theremin 614x460 Snap Circuit Light Theremin


The Light Theremin is officially one of our most-modded Weekend Projects so far, suitable for both beginner and novice makers dabbling in electronics. We’ve seen a breadboard prototype by Matt for his first foray into circuits, and a further modded version by Steven with a potentiometer thrown in for additional sound control. Now Edward writes in with this wonderful Snap Circuit mod of the Light Thermin, combining stock parts from various sets with custom-made snaps. Explaining his own improvisations, Edward says:

  • The jumper wires do not come with any of the sets. I just ordered them seperately, but they are really handy to use with the IC socket.
  • The IC socket comes with the biggest set (the 750), but I don’t believe it comes with any of the smaller sets. Of course it can be purchased seperately.
  • I added a switch, but that comes with one of the smaller sets.
  • I added the 1M Ohm resistor with a Snap Circuits 2-Spring Socket (see first picture below).
  • I swapped out the stock photoresistor with a RadioShack one in a 2-Spring Socket (see second picture below).

Thanks, Edward! This mod is especially useful for explaining circuit design to young kids. The jumper cables allow you to visually trace the 555 Timer’s pins to the rest of the circuit, and various photoresistors can be swapped out on the fly to produce different sound results.

snap circuits light theremin 004 614x300 Snap Circuit Light Theremin
snap circuits light theremin 005 614x460 Snap Circuit Light Theremin

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