I have a new found respect for my kitchen cutlery stand. All this time I’ve viewed it as a unitasker. Now I know that if worse comes to worst, I can turn it into a hobo stove. Check out this simple, yet effective hack from LIsbon maker Pedro Brito. I’m pretty sure Alton Brown would approve. [via IKEA Hacks]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • Charles

    What kind of metal is that? Be aware that the heating of some metals at high temperature can create fumes that are very toxic.

  • http://[email protected] Smokey Millwe

    I built a hobo stove a long time ago. 4″diaX4 1/2H. 11- 1/2″ holes on top and 14 -1/2inch holes on the bottom. Fed from the top, small wood pieces, works great. Nothing fancy, just heats up water and food fast. Easy to take on any trip. Fuel always available, lights from the top, and fun to use, especially in the rain. Triple layer cardboard wrapped tin foil wind screen. My first stove,
    and works so well, I don’t need another, LOL.
    Good Lulck.