Standing at about shoulder height, this AT-AT Imperial Walker Liquor Cabinet is definitely the life of the party. [via Technabob]

Update: Here’s a picture of maker Colin Johnson and his creation to get a sense of the scale this amazing work.

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • Brendan Keim
  • Anonymous

    I’m giving this to my coworker. He LOVES Star Wars *and* also has a drinking problem.

  • Sima Weinsaft Matthes

    Don’t drink and drive your AT-AT.

  • Richie Bergstrom

    Freaken Cool ..

  • Anonymous

    My name is Colin Johnson and I made this, it’s a work in progress. It still gets all sorts of brass trim, guns and the bar interior. You can see my other (non starwars related) stuff at

  • Danny Marquardt

    that is amazing colin!

  • Jason Driscoll

    Colin this is a great job, now if you could make it so the guns were linked to a bottle and could pour a shot into a glass, that would top it off.

  • Anonymous

    Two words would make it a dream to own one of every geek on the planet.

    Radio Controlled

    It could walk to you or beside you as you tour your party.

  • Jason

    This work or art is really amazing. This is not just an ordinary liquor cabinet but a precious one. The one who made this has a brilliant mind. Hope to see more inventions or rather creations or beer cabinet in this site. Good job!


    you need to be locked in your shop until it is complete…and then let me have it (for a large donation)