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I drew John Baichtal for my Secret Santa gift exchange. Having never hung out with John in person (he lives in Minnesota), I have to rely on what I know of him through his blog posts and internal emails. Of course, I considered something in the Lego realm – he just came out with the book The Cult of LEGO! But really, any Lego-related gift I could come up with would probably pale in comparison to the stuff John already has. I’d be merely dipping my toe in the water in which he lives and breathes.

So, I went in a different direction. We’ve been playing with R/C helicopters in the office recently, which is what inspired this gift. Here you go, John: a fiberglass R/C helicopter kit, a ready to fly (RTF) model from Titan. Isn’t it neat? Happy holidays! Just don’t get yours caught in the pull cord for your venetian blinds, like someone here in the office did (with a different R/C helicopter).

Laura Cochrane

I’m an editor at MAKE and CRAFT. I like hiking, biking, and etymology.



  1. Who knew the helicopter would end up in the blinds!

  2. A Webber says:

    450s are serious bits of kit and require a LOT of thought, preparation and practice to fly. Getting someone a 450 is a bit like buying them a puppy. It will require significant money, time and effort on the recipients part.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sweeeet!!! You shouldn’t have! That bird looks BAD. Thanks, Laura!

  4. Becky Stern says:

    Who in the hell has been flying the R/C helicopter inside the office?! You’ve got all those power drops, too! Jeez. =]

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