Bold, whimsical and slightly retro-feeling Christmas decorations are my absolute favorite. These DIY candy lights from Brittany Jepsen on Oh Happy Day combine all three of those things, plus they look very easy (and fun!) to make. See how you can add some candy charm to your holiday decor over on Oh Happy Day.

  • Eva

    She suggests using corsage boxes, but I think this would be a great project for recycling clear plastic food containers.

  • JW

    I saw this in a holiday crafting book from the late 80s. They used plastic salad containers to make a square shape and strung them together with fishing line instead of lights. There were also lollipops, each using a pair of plant saucers with a white-painted dowel, kisses shaped from aluminum foil around a paper plate, and peppermints from polystyrene foam balls wrapped with red ribbons. Very cute.