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To celebrate the release of our latest publication, the Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012 (and its companion website), we’re giving away at least one of the cool kits reviewed in the issue each day during the holiday season.

Today’s kit giveaway is the Ice Tube Clock Kit (an $85 value!) Here is Marc de Vinck’s review from the issue:

The heart of the Ice Tube Clock is a distinctive, vintage, Russian vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) housed in a transparent, laser-cut enclosure. The clock features a precision watch crystal, alarm function, and battery backup. The build quality and online instructions are excellent, as is the completeness of the kit. Anyone who stops by my studio is always impressed with the VFD display, and the conversation usually steers towards reminiscing about old radios and VCRs from the 70s and 80s that used similar displays, albeit in not-so-similar laser-cut enclosures.

To be eligible for today’s giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below in this post. The entry period for today’s prize will be until 11:59pm PST tonight. We’ll choose one person at random, you’ll be notified by email, and you’ll have 48 hours to respond. The Winners List is kept on the Giveaway landing page. That’s it! No purchase necessary or anything else to do. Please leave only one comment per post. You can enter as many giveaways as you like until you win. This giveaway is for US residents only. You also must be 18 years old to enter (Kids: Ask your parents to enter). See the Kit-A-Day Giveaway landing page for full sweepstakes details and Official Rules.

Important Note: If you enter this drawing, when it’s over, please check the place where you registered to comment (eg. Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter). Some people are winning these kits and then not responding when we send them a message using the available means of contacting them. We want to make sure you get your giveaway!

Michael Castor

I am the Evangelist for the Maker Shed. It seems that there is no limit to my making interests. I’m a tinkerer at heart and have a passion for solving problems and figuring out how things work. When not working for Make I can be found falling off my unicycle, running in adverse weather conditions, skiing down the nearest hill, restoring vintage motorcycles, or working on my car.



  1. Anonymous says:

    First! OH WAIT, can’t enter.

  2. Brendan Keim says:


  3. I always wanted to get one of these cool clocks!

  4. ‘Twould be cool to win. I promise to look for your notifications promptly!

  5. mmm retro. I like it :-)

  6. Wildseyed Cabrer says:

    What TIME does this giveaway end? :^)

  7. Daniel Smith says:

    I’ve wanted one of these since I first saw them.  Here’s hoping.

  8. these prizes/gifts are awesome.

  9. Philip Lexow says:

    This would be a great stocking stuffer…. FOR ME!

  10. Ted Hille says:

    Want, want!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ah.. I was hoping this one would come up for the giveaway.

  12. Looking forward to assembling this…..

  13. Tony Weiner says:

    time will tell.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This would look awesome at my desk (and keep me on time for things)

  15. Chris Hoover says:

    O_O I wasn’t even aware these things existed… I may need to pick one up even if I don’t win… You know, maybe.

  16. Tony Beletti says:

    This would look awesome in my home office!

  17. Bill Kronholm says:

    This will make a nice gift.

  18. Jacob Laha says:

    Fingers Crossed

  19. Anonymous says:

    This would be awesome on my nightstand.

  20. Matt Schott says:

    Dovie’andi se tovya sagain.

  21. Steve Lindsey says:

    wow, this is pretty cool

    i have tried to build my own Nixe clock from scratch but have had some issue , mostly do to skimping on parts…funds are a bit low with a baby 3 months from being hatched :)

  22. Amy Jenkins says:

    I’ve wanted this kit for a while now. My old clock has been broken for ages, and this would make a really cool replacement for it!

  23. Oh I need a clock. :D Would be perfect. <3

  24. Ben Sloan says:

    I remember having an old calculator with a VFD display.

  25. I will finally know what time it is.

  26. Sean McLaws says:

    please I would love one of these!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I would love to build this clock.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I was just looking at this on the store’s site!

  29. jerry scott says:

    This would be awesome.  And thanks for the kit-a-day, great concept.

  30. I’ve wanted to build one of these kits for a long time now. It’d be nice to win one and have that chance over the Christmas holiday.

  31. Colin Aubrey says:

    I love that clock, the blue is so awesome. But was always a little pricey for my pocket book.

  32. Jamie Kelly says:

    Oh how I want this!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Gimmie Cold Hard Time!

  34. John says:

    this is me! commenting! on this post!

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Yvonne Carts-Powell says:

    What a cool idea!

  37. Jorge Afonso says:

    This clock is beautiful.

  38. Eric Haines says:

    You had me at the word “vacuum”

  39. Nick Horvath says:

    This is my entry comment!

  40. Anonymous says:


  41. Dunyas says:

    How could you not want one of these!

  42. Stafford Morse says:

    very cool!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Yes please

  44. Wow, that’s so cool looking!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ice Tube is one of my favorite rappers and a damn fine actor, too.

  46. Lewis Baumstark says:

    I seem to have a thing for creative and unusual clocks.  You can help feed my addiction by “randomly selecting” me.  :)

  47. Anonymous says:

    Another great project!  Very cool.

  48. Rick Smith says:

    This looks cool.

  49. MrRebeLs says:

    OK Sure !

  50. Noah Schulz says:

    This would look great next to a Nixie Tube date display.

  51. Steven Vohl says:

    I Love Clocks!

  52. Jessica Ward says:

    This would be pretty cool.

  53. Sean Hannam says:

    This is awesome – looks like something from “The Manhattan Project”.

  54. Ian Fox says:

    I like clocks, and if you include the word “Russian” while talking about electronics, its all the better!

  55. Jace Ferguson says:

    That would look really nice on my desk!

  56. Anonymous says:

    I like the glow

  57. Christopher Williams says:

    This thing is awesome!

  58. I even like the color

  59. Anonymous says:

    Ive wanted one of these for so long :)

  60. Adam Hathaway says:

    Cool clock.

  61. I would like to win the kit! I love old technology like nixie tubes and VFD displays.

  62. Anonymous says:

    This has been on my wishlist for quite a while.

  63. spudman says:

    This is a real time machine, even if it is only the current time.

  64. Wade Campbell says:

    Need for my lair.

  65. Dogsop Smith says:

    I want one!

  66. that would look nice on my workbench.

  67. Erica Absetz says:


  68. Johnathan G says:

    Yeah! Me want! 

  69. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the things that I need. Especially since it glows in the dark.

  70. Lucas Schroeder says:

    I so want one of these – hope I win

  71. Ryan Ferreri says:

    I have wanted one of these for a while!

  72. i would like to win, lets see if it happens…

  73. Shane Pixton says:

    o/ me, o/ me, o/ me…I like shiny things.

  74. Ryan Knopp says:

    That would look great on my desk

  75. Anonymous says:

    A cool clock for a cool day.

  76. B B says:

    Me, please.

  77. Jacob Shepherd says:

    This would be nice to win.

  78. Anthony Castelli says:

    This is a beautiful clock.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

    (Actually, I hate that song. :-) )

  80. Glenn Langton says:

    Adafruit makes some great kits for sure.

  81. This is really gorgeous.  

  82. Kyle Duren says:

    OOOooooo pretty blue

  83. Gary Dion says:

    I would certainly be the envy of my geeky friends…

  84. Greg Swart says:

    Just took a digital design lab, this would be such an awesome capstone!

  85. Anonymous says:

    Another geeky item to annoy the wife with! ;-)

  86. Charles Hobbs says:


  87. Anonymous says:

    As a courtesy to others, I will not quote Vanilla Ice in this comment.

  88. Dave Barrett says:

    You know, I was going to build one of these FOR the wife.

  89. Christopher Cimiluca says:

    This would also be nice.

  90. Sean Davis says:

    This is my SUPER comment!
    … all other comments are weak

  91. I was looking at this as a christmas gift for my nephew. he’s 5 though…

  92. I was looking at this as a christmas gift for my nephew. he’s 5 though…

  93. Oasis Vali says:


  94. Oasis Vali says:


  95. Gene H says:

    Very cool looking.

  96. Gene H says:

    Very cool looking.

  97. Erik Mendoza says:

    Oh yeah, these are so neat!

  98. Erik Mendoza says:

    Oh yeah, these are so neat!

  99. Ben Phipps says:

    that is very cool, I love the color.

  100. Ben Phipps says:

    that is very cool, I love the color.

  101. Matthew Jachimstal says:

    This would make a great addition to my electronic clock kit collection!

  102. Matthew Jachimstal says:

    This would make a great addition to my electronic clock kit collection!

  103. May I have one of these

    I would enjoy it greatly

  104. May I have one of these

    I would enjoy it greatly

  105. John Moorman says:

    I love clocks, and would love one of these!

  106. John Moorman says:

    I love clocks, and would love one of these!

  107. Anonymous says:

    So retro, I want to win this one BAD!!!

  108. Anonymous says:

    So retro, I want to win this one BAD!!!



  111. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of my old plexi-glass PC case…Awesome.

  112. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of my old plexi-glass PC case…Awesome.

  113. Anonymous says:

    For once I am commenting with less than 500 comments before me.

  114. Anonymous says:

    For once I am commenting with less than 500 comments before me.

  115. oh, now that’s just cool looking!

  116. oh, now that’s just cool looking!

  117. Anonymous says:

    Nice glow!!

  118. Anonymous says:

    Nice glow!!

  119. Seth says:

    I’m probably not doing this right, but damn, that’s a pretty cool kit!  Pick me, pick me!

  120. Seth says:

    I’m probably not doing this right, but damn, that’s a pretty cool kit!  Pick me, pick me!

  121. Bradley Lewis says:

    Would love to build one of these!

  122. Bradley Lewis says:

    Would love to build one of these!

  123. Doug Johnson says:

    I need that blue glow in the night to find my way…

  124. Doug Johnson says:

    I need that blue glow in the night to find my way…

  125. Russians seem to offer a wide variety of arcane electronic goodies

  126. Russians seem to offer a wide variety of arcane electronic goodies

  127. James Jurack says:

    Count me in.

  128. James Jurack says:

    Count me in.

  129. Nice clock….But wouldn’t an ICE clock melt and then fry from the heat the electronics puts out????

  130. Nice clock….But wouldn’t an ICE clock melt and then fry from the heat the electronics puts out????

  131. Sean Jones says:


  132. Sean Jones says:


  133. Anonymous says:


  134. Anonymous says:


  135. Casey Nielson says:


  136. Casey Nielson says:


  137. greg sprague says:

    I want this clock it looks awesome

  138. greg sprague says:

    I want this clock it looks awesome

  139. Would look great in my house!

  140. Anonymous says:

    I would love to be the proud new owner.

  141. Liz Dong says:

    Entering to win this kit!

  142. Steven Christensen says:

    Giveaways are fun!

  143. That’s a nice looking kit

  144. Brandon Schamer says:


  145. Steve Ziagos says:

    I have been wanting this one for a while now.  Exciting!

  146. Jon Robelia says:

    Cold Fusion!

  147. Anonymous says:

    What a great kit! :D

  148. Anonymous says:

    That looks very cool!  (har, har har)

  149. Marc Schaefermeyer says:

    I need a new clock…

  150. Francisco G. says:

    beautiful clock.  I like

  151. Pjotor Hive says:

    Big Up!

  152. Steven says:

    that is an awesome clock

  153. Jared Williams says:

    I’d sure love to have this! Looks so cool!

  154. Anonymous says:

    Awesome…love the tube clocks.

  155. Anonymous says:

    Acronyms + tubes/high voltage + pretty = win. Count me in.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Please oh please pick me!

  157. Anonymous says:

    Always wanted one!

  158. Mike Schatz says:

    Awesome display!

  159. Jess Hires says:

    I would love to mount one of these at the local makerspace!

  160. Yeah, I’m not going to bother coming up with something clever to say.

  161. Chris Gerty says:

    We (commenters/entrants) should definitely all help the winner hack this into something even more awesome!

    How about a web-enabled clock that converts to a countdown timer an hour before Make:Live starts?

  162. Anonymous says:

    Almost bought this a couple times… but if you want to give it to me, I wouldn’t argue :)

  163. Time for another giveaway

  164. Anonymous says:

    It will be a shame to smash this some morning when the alarm goes off, but maybe I’ll get to build it twice that way?

  165. Kelley says:

    really cool, perhaps even cold..

  166. tinyenormous says:

    ok, I know I didn’t win the earlier ones. How about this one? Please?

  167. Jared Aldridge says:

    This would be a fantastic kit to put together, always liked the looks of this sort of thang “)

  168. Anonymous says:

    This is cool, though not as cool as nixie clocks

  169. Craig says:

    Comment, comment, comment. It would go well with my Nixie tube clock.

  170. Janel G says:

    My son wants a new clock for Christmas. He would freak if I won this!

  171. David Murphy says:

    Here’s hoping I’m pseudo-randomly selected…

  172. Daniel Creeron says:

    Would be cool to win one of these kits and start playing around again.  The kids would love it!

  173. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to have one of these to wake up to.

  174. Philip Paynter says:

    Love it

  175. This would be great in my office!

  176. timothynoble says:

    i’m already messing about with nixie tubes, though not to make clocks… this would be a fun next project.

  177. Ken J. Lafredo says:

    me please

  178. Casey Borders says:

    I’ve often thought about buying one of these!  It’d be great to win one!

  179. Jon says:

    Even I could tell time with this one

  180. Anonymous says:

    Pretty trick clock

  181. Love it.
    A combination of new tech and the nostalgia of yesteryear.

  182. I’d love to get one of these.

  183. Andrew Garza says:

    Awesome clock!

  184. OK… I have been building unique clocks (most from scratch) for many years now. I swear if I don’t win this giveaway I will never, never, never, NEVER talk to you again!
    OK, I’ll talk to you, but I won’t enjoy it. ;-)

  185. C Kirby says:

    Cool – would like to have, maybe even if I dont win

  186. Anonymous says:

    Much better than tube socks

  187. Wow, that would make my Holidays so much better…

  188. David Eckstein says:

    Very cool!

  189. Doug Fort says:

    I already built one, I want to give one to my nephew for the solstice festival.

  190. Anonymous says:


  191. I really want one of these…

  192. From the 70′s and 80′s?  My car stereo (bought a couple years ago) still has VFD…

  193. Sean Faherty says:

    I need a new clock.  Mine is an old alarm clock with a terribly old lcd that you can only

    read in a narrow viewing angle.  Im pretty sure you can read this one from any angle!

  194. daniel mcclain says:

    That looks fun…

  195. Anonymous says:

    Do I have to think in Russian to tell the time?

  196. David Zendlo says:

    All I want for Christmas….

  197. Ethan Dicks says:

    I would love to hack this clock.

  198. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a fun kit.

  199. John Schuch says:

    Happy Holidays Makers!!

  200. Derek Tracy says:

    Would look great in the office :)

  201. Anonymous says:

    Dang, that would look cool next to my cat.

  202. Mike Burr says:

    I just want another reason to play with VFD’s. :-)  

  203. I like it! :)  Merry Christmas all!

  204. Anonymous says:

    That would look nice on my side table :-) So send one over won’t you? ;-)

  205. david says:

    A kit that’s been on my list.

  206. Nathaniel Hansen says:

    I so want this.

  207. Anonymous says:

    Santa: I would appreciate this clock. Yours truly, the guy who opened the guts out of all his electronic toys

  208. Anonymous says:


  209. Anonymous says:

    yes! i want it!

  210. Andy Rawson says:


  211. Steve Skojec says:

    This thing looks awesome.

  212. John Ballentine says:

    This looks so cool, I might actually make it!  :)

  213. Andy Boatman says:

    Very cool looking clock.  It’ll look great on my desk!

  214. Another cool kit – Thanks

  215. Eric Sullenberger says:

    Another great pick.

  216. I’ve had my eye on this for awhile now…

  217. Mark K says:


  218. Mike Douglas says:

    So friggin’ cool.  I’ll take one for sure.

  219. Jeremy Darling says:

    Would look great on my kids dresser along with all his other projects :)

  220. Sean Wager says:

    Wow! This would look so cool at the office!

  221. Anonymous says:

    The clear housing and neon blue gives a very cool look.

  222. I would love to get this as a gift.

  223. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the coolest clocks ever!

  224. Kathy Tappan says:


  225. Great looking project.

  226. I didn’t even know I wanted one of these until I saw this kit.

  227. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome!

  228. Finally, a clock I wouldn’t mind adjusting/resetting for DST or after a power loss.

  229. Bryan Currey says:

    I’ve been checking, kinda’ hard to do with my fingers crossed, but I’m doing it !

  230. Jim Crowell says:


    I have a serious clock kit fetish; built a Bulbdial and a Monochron & have a Chronulator waiting…the high-voltage aspect of this one is a bit intimidating, but it’s still an object of lust…

  231. Whitney Powell says:

    I’ve never built a clock before, sounds fun.

  232. I’m building one with LED display, but this one would be awesome to have in my office.

  233. Anonymous says:

    So cool!

  234. Anonymous says:

    Yeah for the beautiful clock!

  235. Zachary Anderson says:

    Combine it with the defusable alarm clock kit and it would be even more awesome.

  236. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to win this kit!

  237. This would make a TOTALLY AWESOME Christmas Present!

  238. Steven List says:

    this would look awesome on my desk

  239. Liam Strain says:

    Oh – this is a pretty one! Very nice .

  240. Tyler Stiffler says:

    Good luck everyone.

  241. Anonymous says:

    Just in time…

  242. DakotaE says:

    Hey, if it’s Russian, it’s gotta be good!

  243. Anonymous says:

    What time is it? That’s right, time to send a kit my way.

  244. Dennis Dole says:

    Awesome clock! It’d look great in my kitchen. :-D

  245. How cool! I need one of these for my desk.

  246. Vandasian says:

    VFD display, very cool.

  247. Gary Oshust says:

    This time I want to win this kit!

  248. Darian Lewis says:

    My bedroom called and says it must have one of these.

  249. This thing looks awesome!

  250. Juli Fowler says:

    I’m still using my bedside clock from 1985…

  251. Brian Lilly says:

    Add a blue filter to the front and it’s all set with high contrast

  252. David Ramos says:


  253. mvsorola says:

    oh this would be awesome to make…

  254. kevin sexton says:

    one of the coolest clocks out there

  255. John Gerondale says:

    Vacuum Tube glory!  Very cool.

  256. Anonymous says:

    I’m feeling lucky

  257. Mason Vail says:

    Might be a little bright for a bedroom, but it’d be sweeeet in my office!

  258. Xiaohua Xu says:

    this is absolutely cool, it will be a bliss for me if I get one.

  259. Patrick Tait says:

    Wants the pretties

  260. awesome… i want one!

  261. Anonymous says:

    A truly great giveaway!

  262. Lann Owens says:

    Looks cool

  263. Roy Griffith says:

    i vould liek dis russian clock.

  264. Michael Cook says:

    Ooh, I’d love a good kit.

  265. Joe Crop says:

    This would be a great addition to my nightstand

  266. Frank Ashcraft says:

    Ice Ice Baby!

  267. Anonymous says:


  268. Robert Burr says:

    What an amazing clock!

  269. Ken Junkins says:

    I love clocks. Nice addition to my clock kit collection!

  270. I have been asking my wife for one of these as a gift for a while.

  271. Lucas Eckels says:

    I always loved the look of this kit

  272. Drego says:

    Does it come with Vodka? I can haz Vodka plz?

  273. ChadR says:

    I would like one of these, very cool.  ;-)

  274. michael menefee says:

    I like the Wizard of Oz.

  275. Keith Pimmel says:

    Hope I’m lucky

  276. Tube based clocks are the coolest!

  277. Anonymous says:

    It’s about time I won something

  278. Sam Juvonen says:

    my bookshelf has a spot for this one already!

  279. Bob Funk says:

    I have the perfect place for this

  280. Roger Pflug says:

    I need this clock!  
    Make + Homeschool = Awesome!

  281. Anonymous says:

    Sweet! I hope I win this, I have a friend that really wants this clock kit!

  282. BJ Allan says:

    Retroly futuristic!

  283. Many folks and kids are “tactile learners”.  Me too.  Publications like Make are a wonderful tool to get our kids involved in both reading and applying those tactile skills.  I’m one of those Grandfather Geeks that would love to give one of these creative products to my “two and a half” year old grandson.  He’s love it in his room.

  284. Randy Crowell says:

    Would love it.

  285. Joe Fontana says:

    I don’t think I would pay for this, but I would definitely love to win this!

  286. s hill says:

    add me

  287. Bubba Harmon says:

    Tick Tock, time to win something.

  288. Jarrod Sears says:

    Fararara ra ra ra ra. Great Christmas present.

  289. Jean-Paul Cardier says:

    This would be cool to win. Sign me up. 

  290. Jon Filteau says:

    This is one of the Coolest clocks

  291. Chet Gray says:

    Ummm, I’m in.

  292. Anonymous says:

    This will sooo match my Ice Tube TV and Aquarium

  293. Anonymous says:

    sign me up for one

  294. Tyler Hoyt says:

    Can I freeze time with this?

  295. David Origer says:

    If I don’t get it, I think buy it.  Always wanted one of these.

  296. Anonymous says:

    I had a pile of old desktop calculators with the orange VFD tubes in them.  Should have salvaged the tubes and starters but they got tossed in a move.

  297. Considering I have no alarm clock at the moment besides my phone, and the fact that I love making things, this is perfect!

  298. Ben Brandt says:

    Love this kit! Always wanted to get one  :-)

  299. Anonymous says:

    Ice Tube Clock Kit another nice kit I would love to have

  300. Anonymous says:

    Would be fun!

  301. Eric Kaplan says:

    Sign me up!!!

  302. Anders Arson says:

    What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!

  303. n edwards says:

    Consider this to be an comment entry – thanks!!

  304. sheldon bailey says:

    these things are awsome

  305. Reynaldo Davila says:

    I wish I knew how to make things like this!

  306. Brad Parks says:

    Pretty lights!

  307. Lorie Ann says:

    My boy wants this, so I am commenting to give him the opportunity to win it. If he doesn’t win it, I’m going to buy it anyway, because it would make a great project to add to his homeschooling portfolio.

  308. Ryan says:

    Please and thanks!

  309. Sage Hahn says:


  310. Maybe today’s my lucky day!

  311. Anonymous says:

    Enter Me Please

  312. Martin Hengst says:

    I wouldn’t mind winning this one. ::crosses fingers::

  313. Anonymous says:

    Sign me up for an entry.

  314. Oleksiy Kramarenko says:

    Wow! How many people want to get this device! I created a couple of such in childhood. And I would like to revive memories with a modern one.

  315. David Carley says:

    This would be a great gift.

  316. Anonymous says:

    cool clock

  317. Alan Ellis says:

    Pretty cool!

  318. Preston Harkins says:

    I have wanted one of these for so long…

  319. Nicholas Limparis says:

    Whoo! always wanted one of these. Just couldn’t justify why we needed it to the ole ball-n-chain

  320. Marcello Cardoso says:


  321. tonyvr says:

    Sign me up

  322. David C Dean says:

    That’d be awesome. :)

  323. Anonymous says:


  324. Michael Starling says:

    That would be “cool” to own.

  325. Dan says:

    I’ll take it

  326. Christopher O'Keefe says:

    I’d like one, please!

  327. Anonymous says:

    Ice me!

  328. James Wang says:

    Let there be light

  329. Anonymous says:

    Totally Cool!

  330. That’s a beauty. I want one.

  331. Anonymous says:

    Cool clock kit. Looks fun.

  332. Take that Swiss clock makers, just kidding. I like it!! Enter me into the kit a day giveaway.

  333. Christopher Bermingham says:

    Neat, Happy Holidays!

  334. Anonymous says:

    Yes please

  335. Jonathan Lang says:

    It would look a lot nicer… on MY night stand. Please, Santa, please.

  336. Nathan Luoto says:

    Won’t you be mine?

  337. Mike Parks says:

    Previously, on Lost.

  338. Ryan Slaugh says:

    That just looks cool….I want one, please!

  339. Anonymous says:


  340. This would be cool to win

  341. I really do need a new clock!

  342. Kat Rodenberger says:

    LOVE it LOVE it – Vacuum tubes are so much fun!

  343. Kevin Besig says:

    That would be cool.

  344. Ted Stauffer says:

    Who wouldn’t love to make and display this on their desk?

  345. Kat Rodenberger says:

    Love it LOVE it! so much fun!

  346. mpechner says:

    Would love to get one.

  347. John Wood says:

    Ice ice baby

  348. Philip Strong says:

    I would so love to bask by the icy cool glow…..

  349. As the crocodile hunter would say, “What a beaut!”

  350. Honus says:

    These clocks are so beautiful- I’ve been wanting one since the day it was released.

  351. Troy Downing says:

    It’s the final countdown.

  352. Brandon Mason says:


  353. Wehaf Urchiken says:

    In Soviet Russia, clock builds you?

  354. Anonymous says:

    Very cool. Kinda reminds me of that MacGyver episode on the cruise ship with the crazy bombs that he has to defuse.

  355. Ben Napper says:

    OoOOooOo… nice.

  356. Michele Shoats says:

    I would love to build this.

  357. Keith Beard says:

    Brrrrrrrrrr!  Like!

  358. Aaron Cox says:

    Awesome looking kit,!!

  359. Dan O'Brien says:

    It’s about time 
    watrwalker  won something

  360. Anonymous says:


  361. John T says:

    Very nice

  362. That would look cool in my office!

  363. Anonymous says:

    That would look great on my desk!

  364. Fightcube says:

    OOOOH, this would go great with my other blue LED and nixie tube clocks!  Can’t have enough clocks to reset when daylight savings time occurs.

  365. Here is my entry for one of these. It would be great to win my second one instead of having to buy it.

  366. Would look sweet on my desk at work..

  367. Oops, accidental double. Sorry!

  368. I’ll take any leftover giveaways :)

  369. Keith Keller says:

    Another fun kit by Make. Keep it up guys.

  370. Brian Givens says:

    Oh, I want this one so bad!

  371. Lee Sherman says:

    brings back memories!

  372. Jared Grieve says:

    Reminds of me of electronics class…. IC 555s and 7400s strewn about, Nothing like the smell of black magic smoke in the morning. This would beat the heck out of the breadboarded clocks we made. Want!

  373. Peggy says:

    da! after 5, time for vodka.

  374. Pat Hunt says:

    This clock would be awesome. I have a 9 year old who would love for me to ‘help’ him build this!

  375. Anonymous says:

    This clock is awesome.

  376. Shawn Myers says:

    gimme, gimme, gimme!

  377. Jim S says:

    looks pretty cool

  378. Jim McCorison says:

    Ooooo. Pretty blue lights.

  379. Nonya says:

    Ice, Ice, Baby…

  380. does it still work when the ice melts?

  381. It seems as though one can never have too many clocks!  But in kit form – awesome.

  382. Andrei Hobson says:

    Just had my 7 year old request this sort of thing.  Would be awesome to give to him.

  383. Anonymous says:

    this is amazing!!!

  384. Jonathan Pruett says:

    This is so AWESOME! I’d love to win this!!

  385. Thomas Brun says:

    Looks Awesome!

  386. Dan Pollack says:

    Looks like a fun kit and I can always use another snazzy clock.

  387. Gil Alexander says:

    cool hope i win

  388. Anonymous says:

    Clock kit entry.

  389. Lorelei Pepi says:

    That Ice Tube Clock Kit is better than an electric cow!

  390. My stepson would love to build one of these clocks with the blue lights. He is afraid of the dark and has to have a night light on.

  391. These clocks are just lovely to look at. Functional and a treat for the eyes. I hope I win.

  392. Dale Anderson says:

    Giveaways are fun!

  393. Anonymous says:

    What a great kit

  394. Chris Huebner says:

    Very cool.

  395. Anonymous says:

    Great Kit!

  396. Anonymous says:


  397. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a worthy project.

  398. Kenneth Keen says:

    Looks like fun!

  399. Mark Creelman says:

    I’ll put my name in the hat

  400. Harley Pebley says:

    What happens when it thaws? :-)

  401. Mark Hanford says:

    I think it’s TIME for me to win something…

  402. Anonymous says:

    I’m in!

  403. Anonymous says:

    Something to break the ice with

  404. Chris Arredondo says:

    It’s just a question of time…

  405. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a great kit to build some skills.

  406. today was a good day.

  407. Troy Gillette says:

    Love the glowing blueness of it.

  408. Matt says:

    So is every day going to be an awesome kit that I’ve considered buying in the past?  Because so far every single thing has tempted me in the past to purchase.  This just means when I don’t win, I’m going to want to buy each of them that much more.

    Oh well.  Merry Christmas to me.

  409. Brett Fieber says:

    You gotta love this place.

  410. Robert Allen says:

    The Ice Tube Clock Kit looks COOL!

  411. Ashley Huxley says:

    Looks somewhat like my latest project…

  412. Pat Booth says:

    Time for me to win?

  413. David Jakopac says:

    Another great Adafruit product

  414. Stephanie Hamilton says:

    This sounds like the perfect project for my family!

  415. Anonymous says:

    Definitely one of the top honors for a geeky clock

  416. Very Cool!  It would look good on our mantle!

  417. Dan Price says:

    In for one please.

  418. Scott Macmillan says:


  419. Earth Orbit says:

    Need for world domination. Thanks.

  420. Anonymous says:

    Very nice. Want one. Thanks!

  421. Anonymous says:


  422. George Kakas says:

    I Want

  423. David says:

    Retro Awesomeness!!!

  424. This is so Future Noir, I love it

  425. Ashley says:

    How fun! Please consider me entered.

  426. Jeremy Logan says:

    That looks so cool!

  427. Anonymous says:

    This would be awesome! If I win it, it’s going right on the center of my desk under my monitor where all of my students will see it :)

  428. aurobind enugala says:

    looks neat

  429. Lady Ada makes the coolest kits!

  430. David Henson says:

    Me likely!

  431. Anonymous says:

    My son would love this.  Ok really its me that wants one

  432. Brian Ray says:

    I’ve been wanting one of these for months.

  433. Jordan Hunt says:

    I would love one of these, it would go great right next to my raygun and goggles

  434. Chad Schepel says:

    Awesome! I could really use something to replace my Sony clock radio that I have had since 1990!

  435. Brandon Ward says:

    I’ve wanted to build this for a while now – keep asking for it for a birthday/Christmas, but so far have been disappointed. Hopefully now’s my chance!

  436. Anonymous says:

    Such a cool kit

  437. Hmmm. This is fascinating.

  438. Karena Straub says:

    could always use a new clock :)

  439. Shesu Quintz says:

    Ha ha. At first I thought it said ice Cube clock, which would have been fun too, but this is pretty cool too. (Um, no pun intended.)

  440. Andy III says:

    Blue! Time! Kit! Blue!

  441. Argh.  I’m trying but know that I never win anything.

  442. Geromy Harper says:

    Even if I don’t win, I’ll probably be getting this kit eventually :)

  443. Brian Campbell says:

    I want to build it!

  444. Nathan Pryor says:

    What time is it? Time to win a clock kit!

  445. Forrest Frye says:

    Blue Ice

  446. One of these would be awesome

  447. Anonymous says:

    it’s perfect…and we are clock snobs….

  448. Jim Bazis says:

    This would look great on my desk.

  449. Consider me in the drawing!

  450. I have wanted one of these since… (wish I had a ice tube clock to tell me how long it’s been).

  451. Nathaniel Bass says:

    another cool kit from MAKE: for me to win!

  452. I absolutely love this clock.  It would look great on my bookshelf in the office!  Oh Make please, please pick me!!

  453. Rachel K. says:

    awesome clock

  454. Lochie Ferrier says:

    Yes please.

  455. Bruce Cowan says:

    Cool clock… I wish, I wish, I wish!

  456. Anonymous says:

    Oooooh, shiny!

  457. Ben Stevens says:

    Consider me entered

  458. beakmyn says:

    Merry Christmas to me?

  459. Anonymous says:

    Very shiny!

  460. That blue glow would be awesome in my shop!

  461. todd paoletti says:

    have always wanted one of these. I Heart Ladyada.

  462. This would look good on my desk.

  463. Justin Wilczek says:

    I’ve gawked at this kit more than a few times. Looks quite sharp. Would love to have it. Does anyone know how bright the VFD is? 

  464. I would love that in my bedroom.

  465. Rohan Bhandari says:

    I’ve had my eye on you…

  466. I am the chilled one!! I want a chilled clock!!

  467. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of something I might see in the fallout games.

  468. Rich Torres says:

    This is the coolest clock I’ve ever seen!  It would look great on my desk in my office.

  469. This is extremely cool. I need something like this for the studio.

  470. Anonymous says:

    I like to make thing and this would be cool.

  471. Anonymous says:


  472. Jeff Kroll says:

    That blue glow would look great on my desk.

  473. Gary Neal says:

    Looks great.

  474. Anonymous says:


  475. I LOVE VFD’s.. Great clock.

  476. Marc Baker says:


  477. sweet clock! Me want.

  478. This clock is awesome. If I don’t win one, I may just buy one, but I would rather win one.

  479. Anonymous says:

    Seems like a fun thing to build.

  480. David Rodriguez says:


  481. Chris Blazek says:

    this would rock! 

  482. Julian Leland says:

    I’d love one of these!

  483. James Hollowell says:

    I would love to have this.

  484. Anonymous says:

    That is one awesome clock

  485. Anonymous says:

    Nice Kit!

  486. Rick Stinson says:

    I have been look at this for about 4 or 5 years. Really awesome!

  487. Will Foy says:

    Had my eye on this for a while. Would love to win it and build it before the spring grad school semester starts! Woot!

  488. Anonymous says:

    these clocks are so cool!!!

  489. Anonymous says:

    Just gonna throw my hat into the ring.

  490. This is so cool. I always wanted a clock like this.

  491. Anonymous says:

    I love the aesthetic of this kit. 

  492. Eoin says:

    looks like fun

  493. this would look great next to my nixie clock i built a few years back!!! this looks killer!!!

  494. Juan Navarro says:

    WOOT, that is awesome…

  495. Anonymous says:

    so cool! i would love one of these :)

  496. Kevin Luck says:

    Maybe today I’ll win…

  497. James Carey says:

    Looks like a fun project!

  498. Jim McNulty says:

    I was just thinking my daughter could use an alarm clock.

  499. Love it! Would be a great kit to build with the kid.

  500. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always thought this thing was so cool!!

  501. Anonymous says:

    I less than three nixies!

  502. Giant Sis says:

    I love this! It’d be great on my desk at work!

  503. rauscherjoan says:

    this is so cool I know how they look. this would look cool next to or on a makerbot. Please pickme 

  504. Anonymous says:


  505. Anonymous says:

    This is a perfect fit for my desk.

  506. Gavin Hemeon says:

    now that looks slick

  507. Awesome.  I want one.

  508. Anonymous says:

    I would so love one of these

  509. Anonymous says:

    i wonder how bright it is in the dark room

  510. Anonymous says:

    What time is it???

  511. Mike Krainin says:


  512. Mat Bentz says:

    very nicely done!

  513. Creto De Cristo says:

    Yay!  A clock!

  514. Charles Witmer says:

    Russian Ice tube?

  515. Anonymous says:

    very nice

  516. Very cool kit! Yes, please

  517. Yakov Grinberg says:

    Winning this would be awesome

  518. Gary Sinclair says:

    I keep tryin’

  519. Rebekah Ryan says:


  520. Anonymous says:

    Very nice!

  521. John Scheib says:

    ooooo shiny

  522. Maureen Gallagher Burns says:

    This is really cool.

  523. Paul Boardman says:

    Oh my!   Yes!  This is something I’ve coveted for some time!  Way too cool…

  524. DasKreestof livejournal says:

    That is beautiful!

  525. Paul Tarka says:

    I soooo want one of these!

  526. keith corcoran says:

    who doesn’t need another clock in thier house.

  527. NevezeN says:

    This is one of the few projects that inspired me to try out arduino and build interesting things..

  528. I can’t wait to own this!

  529. Anonymous says:

    Oooh!  It’s all vacuumey and fluorescenty!

  530. Bruce Wattendorf says:

    What time is it I dont know I dont have a clock in front of me PLEASE help me!!!

  531. Comment! [daniel (dot) kramnik (at) gmail (dot) com]

  532. Josh Storz says:

    Who needs blue LEDs when you have VFDs? The Russians had it right.

  533. Derek Martin says:

    does it come with a mercedes

  534. Anonymous says:

    i want to win,  I haven’t won?

  535. Brooke Bizub says:

    I would love to have a cool clock like this!

  536. Tod Stetson says:

    This is an awesome kit that I always wanted ever since Afafruit developed them!

  537. Anonymous says:

    Would love a clock like this

  538. Anonymous says:

    Right up there with the nixies.

  539. Melissa Blythe says:


  540. Would love to build this for/with my son.

  541. Joe Wallis says:

    I want to win!

  542. Clay Roe says:

    I have this thing about clocks.  I have no idea where it came from.  I just love strange and unusual clocks.  I have several dozen, but not this one.  Would look great next to my nixie.

  543. bklnyc says:

    Me, please!

  544. Tim Bell says:

    digital delight

  545. Anonymous says:

    i love clocks, i could see enhancing this by etching the panels and then side lighting them or something just to make it look even cooler, use some rgb leds and be able to change the colors

  546. John says:

    This would be great sitting on my desk at school. I know the students would be interested in how it works.

  547. I really want this kit. Such an awesome clock.

  548. Sarah Frost says:

    That is so awesome.

  549. Anonymous says:

    I would like to make it.

  550. Jon Buller says:

    I want one of these…

  551. Kevin Hope says:

    This would be fun to do.

  552. David Miller says:

    One Please.

  553. Anonymous says:

    I want on of these to either go on my work bench at my job or in my man cave at home. It would be epic. Also, building this would be an excellent “TIME”. (Because it is a clock)

  554. Lance Peterson says:

    Too cool. I’d love to have this kit.

  555. Tucker Wilson says:


  556. Anonymous says:

    Now is the time for all good things to be given away…

  557. garret madsen says:

    Seems like an easy enough contest to enter.

  558. Rik Wade says:

    That is really cool! I’ve been looking for a good project to get my son started on DIY stuff, this seems like a great way to start!

  559. Aaron & Vicki Tunell says:

    Nixie Clock!!!!!!!!

  560. Anonymous says:

    Contest entered.

  561. Rozetta Hahn says:

    Maybe if my son builds something like this he might get up on his own!

  562. Anonymous says:

    Pick me! Pick Me!

  563. Alan Zubatch says:

    Oooohhh…..very pretty. I want one :)

  564. Anonymous says:

    I want, I want.

  565. Joel Inman says:

    Oooh, pretty.  

  566. andy.mello says:

    . . . 

  567. KiranS says:

    Generic praise post

  568. Anonymous says:

    In for this one!

  569. Amy Cox says:

    *crosses fingers*

  570. Phillip F says:

    That would be a fantastic display clock in my shop.

  571. Matt Ryan says:

    Would love a new clock!

  572. Alexander Platt says:

    Now this is my kind of kit.  

  573. Bcook65 says:

    Oooo.. Something I have not built yet.. Yes I would love one.. Tic Toc I loves the clock..

  574. Looks awesome, I’d love to win! I need a new clock.

  575. Yan Min Hong says:

    OOOOO I really want this one!

  576. Calladus says:

    man I would really love to win this kit!

  577. Physics Dude says:

    Very cool…
    Get it? Cool? Because it says “Ice” Tube.
    Oh boy I’m tired…

  578. Anonymous says:

    Ice, ice, Baby!

  579. This would look good on my bench at work…  Somehow I got a job where I still work on devices with tubes in them…

  580. This is amazingly beautiful.  I would love to build this!!

  581. Chris Bering says:

    Fantastic! It would be cool to have one of these…

  582. Ktulu says:

    Hey, what time is it? Time to win a new clock!

  583. Justin Eltoft says:

    ice ice baby
    Stop, collaborate and LISTEN!

  584. Zachary Hayward says:

    This would make a sweet Christmas present!

  585. That is one handsome time keeping device

  586. Tony Sharpe says:

    This would be great to have.

  587. Anonymous says:

    funny how many people comment whenever there is free stuff…

  588. i do need a new clock

  589. James Riggs says:

    This would great on my nightstand next to my bed. It would also be great for wakng up my father-in-law’s daughter.

  590. I have been thinking about getting a new clock.  This would be a great replacement.

  591. Anonymous says:

    Sure, I’d like one!

  592. Bernie Solo says:

    What a GREAT giveaway! Thanks MAKE!

  593. Anonymous says:

    Cool Kit

  594. Rob Tsou says:


  595. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always wanted to make a VFD/Nixie Tube clock, but I never wanted to fork over the cash for the parts.  This kit would be awesome!

  596. Laurence Doss says:

    I need this.

  597. Michael Head says:


  598. Ben Kasava says:

    Hey, looks great

  599. Free stuff is wonderful :)


  601. Jeffrey Ouellette says:

    i like free stuff, but i really like cool free stuff

  602. Anonymous says:

    This looks sweet, I’d love win one. 

  603. Anonymous says:

    Love the retro look of this thing!

  604. pepik says:

    I’d love to have this in my room!

  605. Loren Skagen says:

    My dream is that MAKE MAGAZINE grows to be as popular as TIME!

    Thank you MAKE for just being around – you make life better.  


  606. Skeeter Murphy says:

    Me too….

  607. Joe says:

    very “cool” kit.

  608. Anonymous says:

    yes, way cool.

  609. Anonymous says:

    Very cool.

  610. mathew says:

    Definitely want.

  611. Dennis Funk says:

    wow, great giveaway

  612. Anonymous says:

     This give away is pretty awesome.

  613. Anonymous says:

    I would really like this.

  614. Dan Anderson says:

    This would be great!

  615. Rich de la Torre says:

    please :-)

  616. HacknMod says:

    HacknMod likes this :)

  617. Anonymous says:

    Oh baby

  618. Anonymous says:

    Now, if it would only keep my drink cold…

  619. duncancreamer says:

    Entering Daily vote now. But this one is my fave so far.

  620. Jack Morgan says:

    MAKE me a winner :D

  621. Sam Ewen says:

    I’ll take it.

  622. Anonymous says:

    I’ve wanted one of these for a while :)

  623. Jimmy Brokaw says:

    Looks cool. Can I haz?

  624. I need the clock to go with my calculator!

  625. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been eying this kit. Would look great on my desk.

  626. Tom Stearns says:

    I’d love to make my own clock. Tick Tock.

  627. KJ Blunt says:

    A merger of the old vacuum display with modern electronics looks fantastic.

  628. This is a really cool looking set. 

  629. maura stearns says:

    Super coool, duuude.

  630. Anonymous says:

    Always wanted this kit- since I first saw it

  631. Cool kit. This would be an awesome desk slock.

  632. Anonymous says:

    send it on down!!!!

  633. My 5 year old son would have a blast helping put one of these together.
    And if I put it in his room? We’ll never drag him out of there.

  634. Anonymous says:

    Want, want, want.  Want.  Seriously, these things are pretty cool.  I was going to make my own nixie clock, but never got around to it.

  635. Justin says:

    This would go perfectly in my time machine.

  636. Doug Davis says:

    I would love to build another clock – built one as my first heath kit more than 20 ears ago…

  637. Anonymous says:

    Wanted to build one of these for years.

  638. wow thats good timing… i”ve just been thinking of getting one of these anyway, would be lovely if i could win it :D

  639. I like anything that has TUBEs! Old School…thats for me

  640. Richard Holmes says:

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  641. Kris Swanson says:

    Would look great on my desk!

  642. Christy says:

    The world’s greatest dad and his son (one was diagnosed with Crohn’s and the other autism one week of each other about a month ago) and I would love to put this under the tree for them.

  643. Anonymous says:

    Wow. These look amazing.

  644. Carrie Bobier says:

    Yay for free geek stuff!

  645. Anonymous says:

    It will match the icicle lights on our roof so perfectly!

  646. Spencer Utley says:

    I’d love one

  647. The final countdown.

  648. Vineet Padia says:


  649. Anonymous says:

    One entry.

  650. pat says:

    OOooo, that would make a good pressy.

  651. Dan Bennett says:

    Time to upgrade the alarm clock I got 20 years ago!

  652. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah. Give me one of those..

  653. Kendall lui says:

    Count me in!

  654. andrewvw says:

    Yeah Boy! I need one of those here clocks

  655. grumbly want grumbly want!!

  656. Joseph says:

    I want that clock!

  657. Kirby Bartlett-Sloan says:

    Very Cool!

  658. JayB says:

    Whoa, this would be awesome in my bedroom! I need a little more retro-vintage feel in my house.

  659. Jeff Wagner says:

    Ice is nice!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hmm, this site uses Disqus.  I clicked my name to see if there was a  way to see a vCard or anything in case I was (wishful thinking) contacted as a winner.  No vCard comes up.  Is this an issue and should I be using a different login to assure my contact info is accessible?

  660. Barry Briggs says:

    This one is really cool.  I want one.

  661. Calvin Cheema says:

    742nd post!

  662. Anonymous says:

    I have been eyeing this for a while

  663. Anonymous says:

    It’s great that you guys are giving people this chance!

  664. Matthew says:

    I would love to build this!

  665. Anonymous says:

    I love this kit and would love one

  666. Joseph Walls says:

    Good times, consider me signed up

  667. nstalsworth says:

    Totally SWEET!

  668. Stephen Bentley says:

    That’s a unique little clock.

  669. Travis Dahl says:

    Sweet.  The only thing cooler would be Nixie tubes…

  670. Jordan Johnsen says:

    Looks interesting.

  671. Anonymous says:

    this would be a rad christmas gift for my brother!

  672. Todd Walden says:

    That is a super cool kit.  It does make me think of the old radios.

  673. Anonymous says:

    Kit-A-Day Giveaway: Ice Tube Clock Kit, would love this

  674. Andrew says:

    This certainly looks nice!

  675. Patrick Sharkey says:

    Cool stuff.

  676. Anonymous says:

    Neat kit!

  677. Anonymous says:

    Everyone needs a nice glowing clock!

  678. Scott Austin says:

    It’s a retro update to VFDs!   I love it!

  679. Anonymous says:


  680. Anonymous says:

    test comment

  681. peter howk says:

    Thats the power of Russian engineering

  682. jbr123 says:

    What could be cooler than a vintage russian vacuum fluorescent display clock!

  683. William Stepler says:


  684. Randy Keeling says:

    This is a very cool little clock

  685. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of the 1980s radio snack alarm clock I had in high school … that still works.

  686. Anonymous says:

    cool way to tell time. Sooo bright!

  687. Tom Warin says:

    This is my favorite.

  688. Rob Maxwell says:

    Yes, please.  My favorite kit!

  689. Ken Wade says:

    Another kit I’ve wanted to build!

  690. Alex Neville says:

    Ah, this looks fun.

  691. Ice Tube Clock, woo! 

  692. Anonymous says:

    This is a VERY good looking clock

  693. Anonymous says:


  694. wow, sangat bagus sekali…… that will be the most great thing in my room

  695. Anonymous says:

    I remember seeing this when it first came and loving retro-futuristic vibe.

  696. Hap Durr says:

    This would look cool on my desk

  697. Bryan Peterson says:

    So how do you find tubes like that these days anyway? 

  698. Don Sanders says:

    vacuum tube = chick magnet , Amirite?

  699. Great kit!  Gonna have to throw my hat in the ring for this one.

  700. Benjamin Nitkin says:

    I’ve seen these things on Hack a day. This one looks awesome, and quite distinct from normal Nixie tubes.

  701. Kelly Hoops says:

    I’ve always wanted this kit.

  702. Andrew Maxwell-Parish says:

    Pretty awesome.

  703. Anonymous says:

    Ice Tube Clock over here please!

  704. william soetanto says:

    Cool, I was thinking of building a nixie tube clock for a while

  705. Jeff Anderson says:

    This one really excites me!!!!

  706. very awesome kit

    something i would love to assemble

  707. Emery Strand says:

    Sometimes I just don’t know what time it is.

  708. Anonymous says:

    This kit is the bomb!  Or at least the countdown timer part of it…

  709. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why this type of clock has always struck me as fascinating, but the first time I saw one it was being demonstrated by Limor  Fried of Adafruit. I can’t remember who was interviewing her, sadly.
    But something about the retoness of the display I think reminds me of those first but cheap looking digital clocks.

    But sign me up how ever i can get a chance to own one.

  710. Would love this in my office!

  711. Anonymous says:


  712. Tyler Vittitoe says:

    Looks like a good present to me.

  713. David Schick says:

    This reminds me of the tube collection my dad had in his shop and the old Heathkit receiver we had – and the warm glow of the tubes. It gives me those warm and fuzzes just like CP/M and VAXs!

  714. Anonymous says:


  715. Eric Morris says:

    Oooooh, pretty!

  716. Daniel Smith says:

    Not sure if I’ve entered this one today – been a crazy day at work.  I’ve wanted one of these since I first saw them.  Here’s hoping.

  717. Jon Johnston says:

    I know somebody who would really enjoy this.

  718. Jesse Moore says:

    Pick me!!! Need this to wake up every morning!

  719. Anonymous says:

    That’s a pretty sweet kit.

  720. brady wang says:

    santa please i want one

  721. all mine says:

    grandma got run over by a reindeer

  722. Anonymous says:

    Awesome clock.  Hope I can have one. :-)

  723. Mark Kerr says:

    Cool clock!

  724. George Stuart says:

    Awesome clock

  725. Colin McGlothlin says:

    I’ve always wanted one!

  726. Josh Heckroth says:

    This is a great clock.

  727. Tiffany Vincent says:


  728. roberto says:

    clock, clock, clock

  729. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  730. Does it have a snooze button?

  731. Audie says:

    the ice tube clock needs to meet my tube amplifier!

  732. John Doucet says:

    i love the look of that tube

  733. Anonymous says:


  734. Carl Price says:

    Another cool one, I’m in

  735. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah

  736. EE K says:

    Would love it!

  737. New age fun with a vintage feel!

  738. Anonymous says:

    That thing looks sweet!

  739. Anonymous says:

    I’d be interested to win.

  740. Michael Bishop says:

    This is a cool clock kit. I hope I win.

  741. Anonymous says:

    Very cool

  742. Anonymous says:

    I could have a second one for work!

  743. Lam Nguyen says:

    I  need some tubesocks.

  744. I love clocks!  This would be an awesome build and it looks sweet.

  745. Way cool a tron clock kit!

  746. Ooh, shiny!  Sign me up please!

  747. Anonymous says:

    So sick!

  748. Anonymous says:

    Woohoo, I won!

  749. Anonymous says:


  750. Randy Bredell says:

    ooh yeah! sign me up please

  751. LD Wetzel says:

    Woo, So cool!!!!

  752. Anonymous says:

    this is one of the most awesome clocks ever. I love it!!! please sign me up for the drawing!

  753. Kevin says:

    what time is it?

  754. Carson Vogt says:

    I’ve been looking at this product a while.  A free one would be great!

  755. gino king says:


  756. Alex says:

    oh man, these are awesome!

  757. Oliver Cai says:

    mmm vacuum florescent displays ftw!

  758. Anonymous says:


  759. Hope I got this in before the deadline

  760. keel hauler says:

    did i make it in time?

  761. Cody Freile says:

    Right here

  762. michael says:

    I’d like one also!

  763. Teresa Liao says:

    Remember the 80s with the transparent phones, clock radios, etc. Let’s bring that back.

  764. Don Rozwick says:

    I love the old school tube technology.

  765. Nate McBean says:

    I might be too late, but this would be an awesome prize!

  766. Wild Roo says:

    Hope I’m not too late to get in!

  767. I go by the handle TheAtomicSoul. Now wouldn’t this kit just fit with that name perfectly. :D

  768. Anonymous says:

    This would definitely fit in the man cave

  769. Sign me up, I would love to have this on my desk at work!

  770. Anonymous says:

    I love the ice cube clock. Give me one.

  771. Gene Bogen says:

    I’d love to build it and show my cubscouts how you can make cool things for yourself and not always have to buy it at a store.

  772. Anonymous says:


  773. Jason Levi says:

    I would like.

  774. Steve Costin says:

    Nice piece!

  775. Sheila OKeefe says:

    Cool clock!

  776. Anonymous says:

    n-ICE clock . Sign me up please

  777. Nilit Muley says:

    Go go gadget clock!

  778. Dennis Ames says:

    Please enter me, I’ve always wanted one.

  779. Anonymous says:

    It looks like it’s “time” to win!

  780. Awesome!  I’m looking for some electronics kits to do with my daughter.

  781. Anonymous says:

    It appears to be “time” to light it up. This is awesome

  782. This would be so cool on my desk!

  783. Anonymous says:

    I’d just love one of these guys!

  784. Anonymous says:

    That is one cool clock.

  785. oo man i culd use this..

  786. Seth Winsor says:

    I want one

  787. Chris Buhrer says:

    What fun it would be to put together!

  788. Islam Safir says:

    keep the hope up

  789. Daniel says:

    Nice Ice clock

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