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I always thought paracord bracelets were kind of cool, but I always felt you needed a matching survivalist ensemble to go along with it, so I never really thought it an appropriate accessory to my casual wardrobe. Enter the paracord camera wrist strap from dsptch. Clip it on to any 4/3 or P&S camera and you’ll always have a handy length of paracord with you. [via likecool]

Adam Flaherty

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  1. Michael Pechner says:

    I wear a paracord braclet, so I have paracord with me.  My parachord camera strap is simpler and ligher.  Same loop device, but no metal part

  2. beakmyn says:

    I have one I made on my backpack. 10.5 feet of cord down to about 6 inches. The Cobra stitch is pretty easy to learn and it’s a great DIY project.

  3. John Gulley says:

    Simple and elegant. Yeah, once you’ve got the cobra stitch down, cords and bracelets like this are fun DIY projects that can be given as gifts or even sold at swap meets, garage sales or even online.